Wednesday, 13 May 2009

the worm, the surau and a pair of 100 dollar shoes~

since i dont have internet at home, and i have steadfastly decided not to get it this month, i have wholeheartedly set my foot in the begging territory. far from the comfort of my room and comfy keyboard, i am now typing in the computer lab, during break. sheesh~

anyway, its 12.30 in the afternoon now. i just finished praying and i did not finish my learning issue. actually i did, but i did not put it on paper. lab was very boring today, i did what i usually do in lab, sit down, stare at the empty tables or go and talk to some random victim of my boredom. my stomach was grumbling, and i looked down in my lab coat, there was only 15k in it. and thats the only amount i have to last me until my next scholarship money comes in. bummer. obviously it wont last, see, i told you i would have to resort to begging!

the food in our canteen is such a mouthsore, not much choice and very expensive. i would have to cut down on what i wanted to buy. i did not want to buy in the first place, but with my ever severe gastritis, no matter how little money i had, i still had to eat. i think the makcik at the canteen gave me yesterdays fried food, it tasted awful, i nibbled a bit, sighing at the loss of my money on such awful tasting food. after finishing, i went to the surau next to the canteen to pray.

lo behold!!it was a worm fiesta!! there were worms in the shoes, worms on the shoe rack, worms on the prayer mat, worms on the roof and falling down , and then...there was me screaming! i dont like worms, i had a very traumatized childhood with worms....eeeewww!!give me a snake any day, i can handle, (yerright), but not worms! they are so scrawny, small and move so seductively slow and wobbly that you can never fall in love with a worm....whatmore with this worm conference being held in front of the surau. and inside, mind you. i tiptoed into the surau, bringing my shoes with me, and people were gawking, not at the rooms, but the fact that i brought my shoes into the surau.

it was like i did not respect the house of God~

I had a very strong affinity towards worms, and i seriously couldnt stand them. its no joke, put a worm on me anyday, and ill probably faint twice. yeahh,it sounds pretty much like any other girlish girl would be afraid of, but i shamefully say, that side of me is definitely girly!

ANyway, back to the i brought my shoes in, and many mouths were tsk tsking at me for bringng my shoes in. there were a few worms around me on the floor, and some said that God wanted to punish me for bringng my shoes in that he surrounded me witht these worms. i did not mean any disrespect, and i know my boundaries of bringing shoes in, but rest assured, i only put less than a milimeter of my heels on the floor. i dont think it even caused a freckle on the floor.

i thought the whole incident was funny though
there were worms
there was me screaming
and then there were the shoes~~ and suddenly, no one was thinking about the worms anymore, it was all about the shoeeess~ haha....

i have to go now, in search of harvard hottie, must be in the canteen now...hohoho~...just kidding, i have to go there to give my friend her labcoat...anyway...toodles,.....sorry my blog does not have anything of interest now...blame it on the internet....wwuwuwuwuwu

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