Tuesday, 12 May 2009

the worse i will overcome, the best is yet to come!

i seriously need my own internet

i am now in total gratitude to someone for borrowing this instrument of total release from boredom when hes out or asleep

i need internet

i need internet

i need money to pay the internet

i finished it on a stupid dress

im bored

i dont want to sleep, subuh is just an hour and a half away

i dont have anything to write about

actually i do

but i dont feel like writing it yet

im reading a book

been reading it for some time

i miss my ----

i really do! =)

i have to study

its raining outside

my eyes are fluttering

i want to sleep

must not

must not

must ZZZzzzzzZZ~~~


aKmA said...

salam nad..

kabare??heheh..jomlah datang ctok..sentiasa dialu-alukan..=)

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...


blanja2!!dgn senang hati akan datang selalu!!hehehe

akma sampai bila sia...klak kmk kumpul duit pg sia...huhu

aidaN teewS said...

kak nadya!
this junior of urs feels like writing 2 u...
i like the title!
i usually feel membazir 2 pay my internet but it pays off when i get to read so many entries of urs.
i've been traveling 2 ntah sape2 punye blogs n i get bnyk ilmu.
so,i'll keep smiling n traveling
i guess we've already met in person,dear sis...
actually i've no idea what 2 comment on this entry.so, if without intention termenyimpang ke,ampun ye! =P
i like this quote n wud love 2 share wif u
hope 4 d bezt, prepare 4 d worst.
most of d times i fail 2 'obey' it.huhuhuk.
ok i'll write u another love letter! c ya!
*a sweet wink* (even IDK how 2 wink =p)
i juz love 2 write pnjg2~ (soRRy)