Tuesday, 26 May 2009

hes just not THAT into you

i learned a very valuable lesson in life today, after watching this movie that i just bought entitled HES JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

The movie is actually an atypical love story, telling evey girl, if the guy never calls back, or never messages, you dont have to think deep...

he didnt loose your number

the phone lines arent damaged

he is not busy with his work


ahah! a very simple answer to many complicated questions to come.


I have decided to apply this very wise principle in my life in no matter what i face. The point is, i want to stop figuring out what i do wrong, or where were my mistakes, and just stop caring too much about other people that i myself have a heartache,a headache, and just loads of aches.

Girls have this problem of always worrying too much. i wish it wasnt so. if some guy suddenly did not call me or message me, yes i would definitely think, and think, and think and think...why hasnt this guy called or messaged. and then, sometimes, like a total looser, giving up my egoistic hope, i would message, or call...and then, sometimes i would get a short message, or sometimes no reply at all...and i would then curl up in bed, with little drops of tears in my eyes. ahaa.! the exact words of a total imbecile! A character in the movie said, `i never worry if a guy does not call me back or messages me, because i know there sure are soo much more better guys out there than he ever will be`. Yupp, told like a true soldier, and a true soldier i shall be =)word of advice, he didnt loose your number, he didnt forget to call, he is not busy at all....HES JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!!

I am not trying to flatter myself when i say i used to care a lot about what other people feel. Im always apologizing for who i am, what i did or did not do, and just basically bringing myself down for the sake of making someone else happy or just when i wanted to fit in. But, after watching this movie, i felt my head cleared, feeling theres no point in going through all that, when you can easily just dont care anymore. For me, whats worse than hatred is when you just dont give a damn...

There was this one point in life, when i just switched schools, at that time, my english had not deteriorated to this terrible level yet.so When people heard me speaking, they thought i was a show off, snobbish english-speaking brat, but in reality, i was brought up to speak english at home, and the schools i had gone to were all english-medium based. it was just that I was more comfortable speaking in english more than in any other language. I was so sad at the time, i just wanted to fit in and be like other people who can easily have a conversation, laughing out loud. So i decided to do something about it, making my first mistake, which was apologizing for who i am.

I started adding lah-s in my conversation, and trying to speak broken english. Yeah, you may say it was a stupid decision, but at the time, if you were in my shoes, at that age, i guess you would do the same thing. Even once in uni, i used to enjoy going to the front to talk or questions, not because i wanted to boast, but because i thought i was just being friendly. or so i thought. never could i be so wrong, a friend confided in me that she said everytime i went to the front, she thinks that it was because i wanted to show off. sad right~ since that day, i started to pull myself from doing such things in public, and i lowered myself to a level so ghastly, just so that other people would accept me.

Another mistake i made, was when i apologized for something which i know is not my fault, and i try to make other people happy by acting like a fool, always apologizing, and condescending myself. I say im not good in this, im not good in that, im not as pretty enough, not everything, just to keep other people happy. But what does that make me~ it has really hurt me along the way, imagine, having to tell oneself that im not good enough. I kept critiscizing myself in hopes that people would finally smile again. is it worth it i ask~

The statement do not unto others what others unto you does mean well. Nothing good comes out of revenge. SO, revenge is never a good thing. This principle that i am applying now is dont seek revenge, dont seek hatred, just DO NOT CARE anymore. THat is. its simple right. in other words, just relax lah~ go with the flow, and dont think too much.

**Sometimes it works, sometimes its hard not to think about a problem that we face. But whatever happens, happens for a reason, and it just, you know, happens. The course of our life is not decided by what we worry on, but on what we decided to do.

**If i had a problem, i would donate hours of my life trying to figure out what i did wrong in hopes of finding a solution. But as of today, i know that everything has a solution....but not everything must be solved.

**i was surfing the net just now and got this of someones blog, and yeah,its so true!

** its a bit too big to put on mine, but it says


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