Monday, 24 November 2008

letter from mommy sayang

Dear nadya, Dianelly, Esqandar.
How r u?Ma is back in Tronoh and i am engaging a daily maid to help with the household as my arm is giving me a lot of problem. All I need is to rest the hand. Hope this lady will work for a long time. Overall I am quite healthy. Dad and I will go for the routine check up at IJN this 2 Dec.I have to stop the gardening for a while.
Dad is okay after the surgery. He is back to his daily routine. I can see that when he had a bandage over his eye he was like very impatient o have it removed. The appointment was at 10 but he was asking me to drive to the hospital at 8.
The house is still not very ready as dad has a lot of books not yet arranged. The other rooms are okay.Mak teh spent a month in Tronoh and we took her to visit her friends and also to Cameron Highlands which she said is like london and too cold for her.We did not take her sight seeing as she was not well.Moreover the car is a bit too high for her to get into. A kancil will be good or Rx Mazda will be better.It was a difficult time for her to get into the ford.
Hope she enjoyed maybe next time I will take her again.
How is life in Indonesia, USA and Canada. I hope we can be together again in the near future probably back in tronoh.
You must be busy with your studies and I willalways prayfor your success.Still waiting for your vacation in dacember.
To Dianelly must be enjoying life in Dallas. Dad say masak lah tunjuk greg that u can cook. Have you gone to Memphis? I am afraid to talk lon as greg has to pay for the bill. How is the new house? Bila lagi. Ma and dad dok tunggu berita baik.
Esqandar lama mama tak call. I know you are enjoying your new apartment. Can you send some photos. Must be cold now.Miss you alot. The photos keep me happy .
Love all of you very much

Thursday, 20 November 2008



REcently, i went on a 3 day trip to was last thursday night to be exact...we set of on a really really i mean really crampt bus at 9 oclock at nite...i think there were nearly 50 or more of us..all stuck together like sardines in a can for 10 hours...oh my god....

note to self~~ theres not always comfort in life, sometimes you have to suffer for 10 hours..haha

anyway, we arrived on friday morning around 6 am...everyone was excited seeing this statue of monkeys in front of the villa we were going to stay back was aching, i was cold and tired but i lugged around just fine...i did not bring much stuff(but still my hands were full)

the reason why we went was actually for this karnival sukan between malaysian students in indonesia... there was badminton,futsal and bowling i was in...HAHA....NONE OF THEM....hahahah...instead, i was this screaming hooligan at the sides....cheering for my team...BANDUNG!!!..haha....the sports was fun,but that was about it...

we did not have time to visit anything, which i fumed about...i really wanted to go visit the tourist areas...but apakan daya, we were stuck up in the hill for days. its ok, ill have to go nextime then, and surely ill go to those places...(but omg, im soo not gonna take the bus again...sriouzly,i was like going to puke anytime)

the room in the villa, well,i had much to complain..but i said, somtimes you need to stop the comfort in life for a while....

its nearly 4 in the morning...i havent studied a this is one of the worthless articles you can find in this blog...sigh....the end

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Antara kemahuan, keperluan dan kewajipan

have i lost the battle............


will i fight again.........



--i dont know

decisions suck

--yeahhh,tell me about it

people will talk about this you know.....

--well then, i must be prepared

remember wut dad told was never a mistake,wut u did....u just need some space and time

--i miss home..,i wanna go home...

do u still luv and fear God

--u think just because im doing this i lost my faith!!!NO!!!

remember your promise to urself...if u take this road,there better be one hell of a good reason for doing it!!

-- fine!!! i will keep that day,i will prove myself worth!!!

well then nadya amin shaharudin....get ready, brace yourself for wutever it is you are gonna face.....everyone will be against you...but you always have God with you, by your side, trust in in yourself...and if anyone asks you what the hell were you thinking...

-- go talk to my parents....dey know what i feel

the end~~~