Tuesday, 26 August 2008

a wonder of the world

Saturday... 23rd august..after 21 years of waiting, we finally went to a place where we could take family portraits. i have been bugging my family to go ever since i was a kid as they had taken a family portrait before i was born. dont you think it is unfair that the others had a family picture while i did not?well, i thought so too!!! my father (an unnatural at smiling was forced to pose and smile...but it was extremely funny, dad never likes to pose), my brother(the one who walks like a robot had to pose too)haha...it was a fun thing, hope that the pictures turn out nicely.

We went back for lunch, and then we were well on our way to Niagara Falls...the must see attraction in Canada!! My sister was so busy with her orang putih boyfriend that she did not follow us on that day but subsequently she did on another day go to the falls. it was quite a long journey because many people were heading in the same direction, but when we reached there, it was worth it! it was spectacular....nothing in Malaysia can compare with that...it was truly an art that God created for us mere mortals to bask in His splendour.

The sun was shining so bright that my skin got burnt in a few seconds, the rush of the cool mist from the falls as we walked high above it gave a refreshing light touch on our sunburnt skin. we went on a journey behind the falls which my father complained was a rip off..haha...i wouldnt blame him, the ride on the boat would have been better. Anyway, after breathing in the beauty and one of the wonders of the world, i wanted to go to the IMAX theather where it featured the legend of the falls and also daredevils who jumped the high waters.

I had to practically lug everyone around, because everyone was tired. By 8 at night, we were on our way home, a day worth spent out.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

finally...we went somewhere




17th of August...

One of abangs friends has a flying liscence (how cool is that huh??!!) His name is Frank and he works at the same company that Abang works (please note that i refer to beloved bro as abang) Anyway, we set out really early in the morning, and as the sky was clear,the weather was great for FLYING!!!! We went on a small plane around Toronto (another how cool is that for this!!haha). The best thing was..kakak got to fly the plane! It was awesome except for the part when the plane made a kind of dive and i felt like i was going to puke...eew! Thank God for bubblegum..or not my breakfast would have been all over the plane!

After the flight..everyone was so tired and we slept a few hours...when we woke up, we got back on our feet and went on a family afternoon to Toronto Islands. Its kind of like a big beaufitful island with a big beautiful park in it! It was truly a family hot spot! people brought picnic baskets, bicycles, dogs ...children ran around, kissed by the warm sun, smiling faces everywhere...it felt good to be out with my family who i do not meet much.

Actually, i have another entry that i want to write about, its about the anniversary of my parent's Nikah that we celebrated the day before, but i have so many things to write about my beautiful parents that i would devote a longer post for that later.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

my amateur photos

in canada --- 1st week

its been a week since im in canada. im staying at this apartment we rented called the riviera, just in front of a lake...really comfortable loft that my bro picked out..im in subway now, right below our apartment where theres a wifi area...actually, we havent been around much because we are waiting for HER HIGHNESS(my sister)... oh yeahh!! THAT DAY...WE WENT TO ALASKA!!!!IT WAS SOOO COOLLLL!!!!!~literally speaking...anyway, i cant put in the pictures for alaska just yet, because its in my moms camera...

since it is the summer in canada, the weather bounces from sunny to windy to cold in just a few minutes!!! life here is very relaxing and very peaceful....but most of the things are expensive even if you dont convert it yet. im waiting for the summer sale though!!yeayyyy!!!!suddenly, im out of things to say...i dont know....my brain has become rust since i came here....here are a few incidents worth mentioning

1. i saw a super-duper fat big humongous cat!!
2. mornings---always jog with dogs--i mean people here
3.i ate my first canadian hot dog.. courtesy of my bro

Thursday, 7 August 2008

how to get a free holiday to hong kong

Dearest readers...if you are reading this, it means im still in hong kong when i should really be in canada right now. what happened was, yesterday (atelast i think it is yesterday, im not sure about the dates anymore), we went out of our house at 5.30 am to KLIA... when we got there, after a long wait, eventhough there were only a few of us, we were told that our flight to Hong Kong (which was supposed to be only a few hours transit) on Cathay Pacific was cancelled. So, all of us were issued new tickets on Malaysian Airlines. All aboard safely on the plane, i settled down for the 5 hour flight and got comfortable watching the flight entertainment....


we were only i think an hour away from hong kong when suddenly...the pilot announced...."LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, WE ARE SORRY TO ANNOUNCE...THERE IS A TYPHOON IN HONG KONG AND BECAUSE OF THE STORM.....WE HAVE TO TURN BACK TO KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT" ...gleeelllaaaaahhhh......we were nearly there for Gods sake!!!

Unperturbed, we went back to KL...all of us were given free coupons to eat for lunch and dinner....dhla dapat makan burger king for free~~we kind of had a burger king fiesta at the aiport, ~me, my mom and dad....as our flight was due at 9.30pm...imagine that....we had to stay at KLIA from morning until night!!!

Finally, we were on our plane to Hong Kong, and our transti was supposedto be 4 hours...mark the words SUPPOSED....Well, what happened was, when we landed, the people on the grounds told us to go in another direction, the strange thing was that the other passengers went the other way....i was like "huh??"...Turns out, my instincts were right, we were at the wrong place......so, me and my wide eyed family --patah balik--- the whole long way around the airport....we asked so many people and most of them did not understand about our plight....

So...yesterday...my first thought of Hong Kong and their airport-----rude, unhelpful, weird, worst airport of the year and bla bla bla....i was extremely mad at them!!IMAGINE...me and my parents had to carry heavy bags ulang-alik all the way and yet no one knew where to put us because our next flight was the next day(today) and Air Canada did not open any counters....what happened to the other passengers then???!!!D-UHHHH.....

After 2 hours of excruciating wait....FINALLY....(thank God)..there were helpful people from Cathay Pacific, which directed us to the place that we should have gone in the first place... So, we got free hotel stay for one night....(that is the story laa)....NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO GET A FREE HOLIDAY IN HONG KONG---HOTEL, BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER PROVIDED...WAAAHHH

I guess, after the ordeal, atleast my wish was granted...i did get to stay in Hong Kong and we did get to walk around the city for awhile...God said "Nak sangat tengok Hong Kong kan....nah...tengokla....tapi kena susah2 dahulu"...(my mom phrased that) ...

Im now in the airport...waiting finally for my flight to canada...hope to update soon....!!