Wednesday, 13 August 2008

in canada --- 1st week

its been a week since im in canada. im staying at this apartment we rented called the riviera, just in front of a lake...really comfortable loft that my bro picked in subway now, right below our apartment where theres a wifi area...actually, we havent been around much because we are waiting for HER HIGHNESS(my sister)... oh yeahh!! THAT DAY...WE WENT TO ALASKA!!!!IT WAS SOOO COOLLLL!!!!!~literally speaking...anyway, i cant put in the pictures for alaska just yet, because its in my moms camera...

since it is the summer in canada, the weather bounces from sunny to windy to cold in just a few minutes!!! life here is very relaxing and very peaceful....but most of the things are expensive even if you dont convert it yet. im waiting for the summer sale though!!yeayyyy!!!!suddenly, im out of things to say...i dont brain has become rust since i came are a few incidents worth mentioning

1. i saw a super-duper fat big humongous cat!!
2. mornings---always jog with dogs--i mean people here
3.i ate my first canadian hot dog.. courtesy of my bro

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