Monday, 28 July 2008

BALIlast day

BALIday 7 260708

Morning people…the sun was shining bright on our last day in Bali. I woke up really early for the first time in Bali because I had some last minute shopping to do. I bounced off to wake up Elis and Natrah in the next room and in a few minutes we were already at the breakfast table. Both Tahirah and Natrah did not feel up to it today to swim in the sea, so it was just me and Elis who with excited faces ran to the beach. Just our luck, this guy offered to teach us how to surf for a good price and we jumped at the deal. I was still having a bit of a phobia from my days during wakeboarding. I fell a lot during the first few tries, but in the end, I finally got to surf which was cool because I had always wanted to surf….finally!


I WENT BUNGee JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I told you before I am really afraid of heights, and here I was, 45 m high up in the sky, the jump of my life. We went to Club 66, AJ HACKETT, the guy who actually founded the sport of bungee jumping. I was the last one to go up, I had to do it! No matter what, I had to face my ultimate fears!!! The total cost of one jump is nearly RM 400 (which my dad was fussing about when I told him) (after the jump, of course). The ride up was extremely SLOW… I could see the human beings down there getting smaller and smaller until they only dotted the land that I saw. When I reached the TOP, my heart started racing and I wish that I did not have to do it. The instructor fastened the ropes on my small feet, it looked so flimsy compared to the jump that I had to do. I was damn scared!!!! The instructor said some comforting words (which were not enough), counted from 5 to 1, and I had to jump on my own. I took a deep breath, looked straight towards the ocean, and dived down like crazy!!!! I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING TO DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** reminder to self---- I am still alive, even after the craziest thing I have done in my life --- if I can do bungee jumping, I can do anything!!! BRING IT ON!!!!! Woo hooo!!!!!!

The night stretched out not long enough, and at 11.30 pm, we were all on our way back to Jakarta……Now I am safe and sound in Malaysia…..I am dark, and I plaited my hair…I look like a nigga….huhuhu….thank you for reading my updates on Bali…don’t forget to tune in next week about my travels to Canada….

XOXO---the crazy gurl who jumped 45m from the ocean….

BALIday 6

BALIday six 250708

Come to think of it, I think there are a lot more sweet memories that I did not write in this blog. I really feel as if I am writing rubbish, but I still want to write the only basic pieces that I remember…in case I forget everything if one day I come back to Bali with my cucu and cicits, at least I can tell them ….nenek dh buat nie….that would be so cool. Gosh!! I do feel so old, im even already talking about grandchildren, that’s crazy!

Day six is free day… no guides, no plan, no nothing. So, the four of us single people decided to do some last minute shopping at this place called Sukawati. In Bali, it is really cheap to buy early in the morning. They believe that the people who come and buy in the morning are “pelaris”. So, if you want to shop, be an early bird. We got good stuff at really great prices and once they get hold of the money you pay for the item, they will wave it at the other items in the shop in hope of rezeki for the whole day.

Our next stop – GWK, Garuda Wisnu Kencana. It is supposed to be a really large statue that has been built since 1993 and works on the statue is still going on, believe me it is really big. Once it is finished, it can be seen clearly from the satellite. One really disgusting thing happened while I was there. I don’t know if the word disgusting is appropriate to be used. Well, what happened was, I wanted to take a picture with this woman who was wearing the traditional kebaya. Suddenly, while putting her hands together Balinese style, she said softly so that only I could hear ….MINTA TIPS NYA YA!!! Oh god, I was so shocked! But I had to give tips as the picture was taken already. You know what, I should have cancelled!!

Dreamland-----we had to go there….the ocean was sooo blue….it was beautiful like sparkling diamonds shining in the sun. the wave was huge and covered the surface of the beautiful white sandy beach. ANOTHER THING HAPPENED TO ME HERE!!! I was happily posing for a photo on the beach, curling my toes in the dry san far far far FARRR away from the waves, when suddenly, a large wave came and washed half of my body.!i was totally soaked!and I did not intend to get soaked! I did not have any extra clothes, and what was worse, my handphone was in my pocket of my pants!!!!!! AND NOW MY BELOVED NOKIA N76 DAH ROSAK……….THAT IS SO SAD….

From Dreamland, we set off to Uluwatu Temple, the time specifically planned so that we will arrive just in time for the sunset. To go into the temple, everyone must wear a piece of clothe tied around the waist and for those who are wearing shorts, they are given purple coloured sarongs. The view from the temple was breathless…..waves crashed onto murky rocks,green leaves dropped at the song from the wind, monkeys fooling around. By the way, the monkeys here are the worst so far. They will steal glasses, hats and anything detachable, and if you do not give him food fast, they will tear the thing they stole into pieces right before your very eyes.

By 5, we sat at an amphitheatre to watch the Kecak Dance. This dance is only done during the sunset. It was really cool and funny. The Kecak Dance is supposedly to satisfy the Sea God and there are nearly 70 men praising that God around a fire. The day was hot when the dance started as the men danced and chanted while the sun was setting in the background. After nearly two hours, the show finished and it was already night time, the day which was hot had turned into a cold breeze, blowing the hairs on my face.

BUBBA GUMP----that night, we ate our hearts out on shrimps, shrimps and more shrimps at BUBBA GUMP. I can still taste as the butter on the shrimps melted in my mouth---that good ey….and the price was gooood…..put a hole in my pocket it did……but no worries, it was all worth it.

BALIday five 240708


This year on my birthday, I started the day with a big YAWN…..i was still tired from water sports the other day and the bed felt sooo good! I just felt like dozing off the whole day with the warm comforter around me in an air-cond room…in Bali…aaahhhh…life is good…..

Before I start this entry, I would like to (cewah) thank everyone that wished me at midnight and times after that. A simple birthday wish comes a long way, every single message and call means so much to me especially if it is from people that I am close with. This year’s award for the person that first wished me goes to = my beloved KAKAK!!!!yeayyy….actually my mommy called earlier on to wish in case she fell asleep before midnight(which she did).

Anyway, we went rafting that day. Alhamdulillah, duit MARA baru masuk!! Did you know, I was in Bali with not enough money!!!! If my parents knew about it, they would have killed me thrice! I felt blessed as the money I needed to finish my trip in Bali had finally arrived, and I skipped happily to the place for rafting. It was a bumpy 2 and a half hour ride down the river, the jungle opened its arms to us and we breathed in the fresh green jewel Bali was showing to us. As if the ride was not tiring enough, we had to climb a few hundred steps to the top when the ride finished. Lunch was provided and we ate like wild hogs. The cold water and the lush jungle made us hungrier than ever. By the way, since I was in Bali, everything I ate tasted good and as usual, if Nadya eats more = Nadya weighs more…. Sigh…..

After rafting, we were going to head back to the hotel when we passed a safari. Just for fun, we went in the newly built animal safari and it was a cute thing to do. All of us had fun in there even though the place was going to close shortly. I got to ride on a camel, which was my first time.hehe



The night was spent at the beach…in front of our fave hangout…the rock shop stop!hehehe….those were good times….

BALIday four

BALIday four 230708

We set out early in the morning…it is watersports day! Finally the day that would make us feel like we really are in Bali. If you had read the posts before, most of the places we visited was cold, which is quite unbelievable. So, the fourth day in Bali is dedicated to getting our skin burnt and crispy!!

In my long pants and long sleeves which were chosen to block the sun, we got on a boat and headed of to another part of the beach. Kicking it off firstly with parasailing, (for all who do not know me well, I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS), we are hooked up to a parachute and straight away blown by the wind when pulled by a speed boat right up into the air…. I could see a hundred miles from up there. The scenery was awesome! I thought I would be afraid, but I guess because it was kind of leisurely, it felt good up there.

Next item on the list, we went snorkelling. The ocean was not as clear as most days so we could not see much. We were given bread to feed the fish though, but by the time the bread reached the swirling water, it was gone with the waves…

I kinda feel very touristy…is my blog entry getting a bit too much like a family travel guide? Well, what the heck, its my blog anyway…hehe.. as I was saying, we took a trip to turtle island and I think it felt more like a zoo, I took pictures with animals (so budak kecikky). Barefooted as we trudged in the sand, I think I stepped on a lot of animal poo….

Once we were finished with those, only the three of us (me, elis and miss guling a.k.a tahirah) took up the other sports while the others basked in the hot sun. We got on a banana boat for starters and it was more like a scenic ride as it was slow. I did enjoy it as we sped along the coasts and I could see more of that part of Bali, which is known as Nusa Dua. A famous spot for water sport and also resorts. The next activity was one which took a toll on me – wakeboarding! I really felt like giving up when I was trying. It is kind of like skateboard in water. I felt like the water running through my nose every time I fell back into the sea was trying to blow my brains out!for Real!! We ended the day with Flying Fish, which I went on alone, not scary but quite cool. At the end of the day, it was already nearing four and we were the last ones to go home. I enjoyed the day, but I just cant seem to write a more exciting entry for this day because im kind of tired. (this blog is written late and not on the day intended)

Sunday, 27 July 2008


BALIDay Three 230708 2010


My most favourite pastime of all. I went crazy over souveniors in this shop called Krisna. (By the way, ill make a small continuation from the day before…about the shopping done in Ubud). Ubud is like a marketplace, we have to haggle for the best price on every item. Some shopkeepers were kind to give their good price at it was nearly the end of the day, while others stubbornly stood by there stand in charging the foreigners at outrageous prices! I absolutely loved the bags sold there, really, they were lovely. I tried finding for those bags in other places, but unfortunately, I am still unfortunate in finding them. So, today, the driver took us to this shop where all things have a fixed price, and cheap and best of all……..CAN USE CREDIT CARD MA! Im so sorry to have to use my credit card at this point, because I kind of promised to myself to use the cash that I had in hand. Again, unfortunately, my scholarship money has not been banked in yet and I am totally cashless right now. Here I bought stuff for my aunts in Malaysia, souveniors for friends and for myself, only the essentials. (yeahh right).


Today, at this very place, we felt the coldness of Bali again. Bedugul is another place high up in the mountains of Bali. As usual, none of us were prepared for cold in Bali, so we were practically shivering way up in high altitudes. The journey up was a long one, so once we reached the top, we decided it was time for lunch already. Our stop—Mentari Restaurant, another Balinese Buffet. By the way, did I mention yet, so far, all the food that I ate and munched and crunched in Bali tastes sooo good. Im beginning to think that my body metabolisme has increased as my sense of hunger has grown a few inches longer!

--Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

The floating temple, the locals call it. And yes, it is a sight to behold. The clean temple grounds boasts the magnificent glory of the Hindhus in the past of Bali island. The splendid architecture was exquisite and each temple had its own unique carvings. This place is just a few minutes away from Bedugul. The lake from this temple is connected with the same lake from Bedugul.

--Strawberry farm and Monkeys jumping on me in Monkey Temple

That one was a looser tourist site (jahatnya saya cakap macam tu). The strawberry farm was just a short stop so I did not get too pissed off about it. Our next destination was the Monkey Temple. Something interesting happened to me while I was in the monkey temple. We were strolling down the road leading to the temple with our guide when a dozen or so monkeys suddenly began oo-oo-aa-aa-iiiiiiiiing at me and the big mamma jumped on my head and began jumping on my hair!!!i felt like I was being held hostage on a practical joke being pulled by cheeky monkeys!! Then as Big Mamma jumped down after I was screaming, Big Daddy tugged on my jeans and gave me cute puppy-dog eyes, looking up at me and asking for food. That was the cutest thing ever! Monkeys sure know a way to a girls heart or head, especially mine =)

--Tanah Lot, sunset and sad sea

We arrived late at our last visit, the infamous Tanah Lot, which temples crown the front pages of many Bali post cards. The day was not meant to be, and we did not catch the sunset in time. We took pictures before it got dark, bought a few things in the tourist market and headed back to our hotel after a very tiring day traveling the inner parts of Bali island.

--Night à Same tradition, tapaw food and ate on beach, went to Legian Street which is famous for its night life. There were loads of hot clubs for groovy clubbers. On the way back, we past the place where two of the clubs were bombed – Paddys club and another one which I cant remember. There were 500 casualties during the bombing and a monument stands to remember the dead during those dark days.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008




BALIDay Two 210708 2320

--morning swim in the ocean

6.30 a.m…I was awaken by the loud thuds of Tahirah waking up. We were already quite late for our morning swim at Kuta Beach. I grabbed my towel, brushed my teeth and all 4 of us bounded to the beach. To our surprise, we were early birds, there were not so many people swimming or surfing as we had imagined there to be, after we got ourselves in the water, then we realized the reason why---it was COLD!EXTRA COLD! The waves sweeping beneath my little feet felt like smooth ice cutting through the warmth of my body. Brrr…coldness…coldness.

--barong and keris dance

9.30 a.m…The car that we traveled in sped into the winding road of Bali Island to bring us to our very first stop for the day—the Barong and Keris Dance Theater. The cost of entering this theater was Rp50k and I expected the best with such a price. As it turned out…it was not worth my penny watching it. Personally, I thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience, something like the Hakka Dance that I watched in New Zealand, but instead, it turned out to be on the verge of dreadfully terrible! Basically, the concept of the traditional dance was one of uniqueness but the theater itself did not catch the essence of the dance and they evolved it into one dance that had vulgar scenes. A lot of the `orang putihs` shaked their heads in disagreement, some even told their children not to look. It was pitiful to see such fine art go to waste.

--batik, silver, art, woodcraft center

The rest of the day was spent without much acknowledgement because we went to places that sold pretty expensive stuff which were not up to the products name. I guess because the driver took us to tourist stops. We did take lots of pictures though. By the way, did I mention that I would post pictures later coz it takes a long time.

--lunch overlooking the volcano in Kintamani and lastly of coffee beans and cocoa fruits

My Rp100k was gone when we took lunch overlooking the volcano in Kintamani. It was a Balinese buffet and we enjoyed the taste of Asian delight at the laps of luxury (by the way, I never knew Bali could have cold spots, Kintamani is one of them~colldddd).

* I will edit these blogs some time…im writing these in a hurry…its not that perfect yet….sorry


BALIDAY ONE 20.07.08 2310

I still cant believe it! Im finally in Bali! Ive waited for this moment since the month of April which was when I finally booked the ticket for this one week holiday. There are 8 of us in this group- me, tahirah, elis, natrah, hajar, athes, pika and farhan. That makes us four singles and two pairs of couples. Us singles stay in a separate hotel which we also had pre booked, the Bakung Sari Hotel. One night costs us around RM80, two people per room. My roommate happened to be Tahirah, which was decided after the Lat-Tali-Lat thing..hehe

Before I go on, I would like to describe the sight that we beheld when we were on the plane to Bali. We crossed the oceans and there were land filled with volcanoes. It was magnificent, It looked like mankind were humbled by the work of God Himself at such dangerous beauty. The plane landed on a stretch of land right in the middle of the ocean, it was awesome, and it was a really beautiful first hand experience.All of us squealed with delight as the tyres screeched when the plane landed on the landing strip, we were finally living our one week vacation!

Our accommodation was a reasonable place, it is quite comfortable and we have not faced any problems so far. When we settled down, I took a much-needed cold shower and joined the others to look around the part of Bali that we were staying in,KUTA. We walked in the steaming hot sun, me and my white flip-flops, with sunscreen and sunglasses equipped, our first stop – Kuta Beach. On the way to the beach, we passed lots of surf shops, Hard Rock and a boulevard of shopping-not-so-heaven as it is quite expensive. By the way, of all the things we did first, we stopped at can-you-believe-it ---KFC!!HAHA….bought ourselves some food, and ate on the beach, looking at people surfing and laughing at people trying and failing at it. (Although, obviously, all of us don’t know how to surf!!)We stayed there for an hour or two, just enjoying the summer breeze under scorching sun and getting darker by the minute. After that, we headed back to our hotel and I took another shower as tonight we were going to eat seafood at Jimbaran.

At 5.00 pm, our transport arrived and all 8 of us went to Jimbaran. Our stop—Segara Restaurant. When I got there, personally, I felt that I wanted to get married in Bali!!HEHE.. The restaurants there had tables and chairs on the beach itself! Imagine this, we dined on the beach while watching the beautiful sunset!!!!What could be more beautiful, serene, peaceful (and words cannot describe it!!) than eating out on the beach like that! I LOVED EVERY SECONDOF IT!!! We took many photos, some of them showing the warmth of the island, while some showing the fun side of us all…So, when the food finally arrived, night had come..and with fresh coconut juice trickling down our parched throats, and fresh seafood as our feast, the night was perfect. And to top it all of, we were serenaded with a band of musicians a little while, (actually they didn’t come to our table, I guess they could see we were students---poorer than most!!)huhu..

To ease the food in our intestines, we went back to the hotel, prayed and went out again to walk in Kuta at night. We were followed by this half-drunk Englishman, but in the end, he did not exactly trouble us, so the night turned out alright. Now, I am safe and sound in the hotel room, silently typing my first day in Bali. Hopefully, tomorrow would be another day filled with wonders. For now, that is all from Nadya in Bali. Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. Updates more tomorrow!! ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZ

BALI day1

PRE-BALIDAY ZERO 19.07.08 2200

I waited two whole days without my beloved housemates as they had gone back already. I really miss you guys, and really wish you all would be in Bali with me *sigh*. Well, as the story goes, I had little money left in my pocket and the electric was out the whole day. The only amount of cash I had was Rp6000. I couldn’t go anywhere with such small amount, so I stayed home and ate Maggie (huhu), I cleaned up my room and the house and slept for the rest of the day. When I woke up, it was already time for Maghrib, so I took a bath and headed out to find some company. Incidentally, I watched Batman that night with Elis and Natrah who will be going to Bali with me too. The movie lasted for three whole hours! It would have been better if it wasn’t that long I guess. But anyways, we finished around 11, and I decided to sleep with my friends from Twinning(intan and aishah).

The next morning, we had a pre-bali meeting and planned the whole vacation with everyone on the trip. I went back home after that and just watched television the whole day…and by the way, that was really relaxing! So, I waited and waited until midnight….when our transport to Jakarta airport finally arrived as planned. I said my goodbyes to Abang Hisyam and Kak Nik (and I cried!!!)huhu….(im going to miss them so much) and was then well on my way to Jakarta.

The flight to Bali was at 6.35 am.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Another year has passed in the field of medicine

Well..well..well.....isnt it another year that i have survived in this country, away from home and family. Away from the luxuries of home and KUALA LUMPUR (argh), away from it all..

I am sitting my remedial exams, hopefully to increase my marks for this semester, its going to take me half-a-month and i am not studying as hard as i had hoped *sigh*. `Nadya, Nadya,Nadya...what has gotten into you, you lil twerp!`...My exams begin this wednesday and eventually ends on the 14th. Then its freedom for Nadya!!! (by the way, im going to Bali after that, so be sure to look up the updates later on my blog)

So, today i felt like writing on how our worlds can change in just 1 year. I remember well, during the beginning of my second year, i had just suffered from a really insecure life in Jatinangor..i had problems with friends, family, guys and myself. Its like i was a total different person from who i am now. Life had never been so hard as it was the year before.

When the 2nd year began, it felt like a fresh start and i was determined not to let the past haunt me in my new beautiful home filled with new friends. Alhamdulillah, we are getting along well and have been for this year and hopefully for years to come. A person that used to be in my life, and now with another (hrmmm) had really caused the early months of my life here to be tormenting. The pain of trying to forgive and forget is one of the painful deals our tender hearts have to handle. But gradually, and hopefully, i have healed from it and only time will tell if memories can be erased. I have met other interesting people now, and they have been really great in helping me out throughout my ordeal. When one wants to forget something, always remember that everything happens for a reason. Feelings do change over a year, why suffer remembering what doesnt want to be remembered right.

How about my studies u say...*cringe*...i call this part the PEDOMAN AKHIR TAHUN. This means that, we human beings always go through the year without thinking and planning, and just when we nearly reach the end of the year, we look back and say `argh, IF ONLY i studied more, focused more and bla bla bla`. news for people like these(me especially)...why did i not do it in the first place...d-uhhh. I had hoped to really work hard for these remedial exams and the Bali trip is something like a reward, but looks like im not working hard enough, im playing hard though..*sigh*

Anyway, im someone who believes in second chances, so, i hope that i dont miss them anymore. I am grateful that i have lived through yet another year, thank you God for blessing me and my family with prosperity and happiness, and i pray for a thousand more years under Your guidance. ..

Saturday, 5 July 2008

the month of rejab

my dearest mother messaged me the other day...reminding me that it is the month of rejab, the 7th month in the muslim calendar..her first message was for me to fast during this month as there are incredible wonders that can be bestowed upon us this month. Gladly, i made a pact with mommy to try and fast as much as i can. mommys second message was that i should increase good deeds (which should be done everyday) but especially in this month. Well, that is my target for this month. For whatever bad things i have done, i would really like it to be gone. And i guess. God does give second chances...and here we are, given a whole month of second chances and golden tickets.. lets take it people!!

Bulan Rejab kembali lagi. Ia merupakan bulan yang sangat dimuliakan di dalam Islam. Banyak hadis Rasulullah S.A.W. yang telah diriwayatkan oleh para sahabat Baginda mengenai kelebihan bulan Rejab, bulan ketujuh di dalam kalendar Islam. Rejab bermaksud ta'azim (kebesaran, keagungan, kemuliaan) kerana Allah S.W.T. akan melimpahkan rahmat-Nya, kemurahan-Nya dan Ruangan Bimbingan Rohani kali ini menyorot fadhilat bulan Rejab dan beberapa hadis Rasulullah S.A.W. berkenaan dengannya.
Amalan terbaik di dalam bulan Rejab ini ialah berpuasa. Maksud hadis Rasulullah S.A.W. tentang kelebihan berpuasa di dalam bulan Rejab adalah seperti berikut:
EPuasa 1 hari - Seperti berpuasa 40 tahun dan mendapat keredhaan Allah serta syurga tertinggi.
EPuasa 2 hari - mendapat kemuliaan besar daripada Allah dan dilipatgandakan pahalanya.
EPuasa 3 hari - dijauhkan dugaan dunia oleh Allah, dijadikan sebuah parit panjang yang menghalangnya ke neraka,
EPuasa 4 hari - diselamatkan daripada siksaan akhirat kelak serta fitnah Dajjal.
EPuasa 5 hari - aman dari azab kubur.
EPuasa 6 hari - dibangkitkan dari kubur dengan muka bercahaya.
EPuasa 7 hari - Allah mengunci 7 pintu neraka jahannam baginya.
EPuasa 8 hari - Allah membuka 8 pintu syurga baginya.
EPuasa 9 hari - keluar dari kuburnya lalu menyeru "Laailahaillallah" dan tidak ditolak dia dari memasuki syurga.
EPuasa 10 hari - Allah memperkenankan semua permintaan dan hajatnya, dijadikan hamparan perhentian di titian Siratul Mustaqim setiap satu batu dan dijadikan 2 sayap untuk terbang seperti kilat di titian Siratul Mustaqim.
EPuasa 13 hari - Saidina Ali berkata bahawa fadilatnya seperti puasa 3,000 tahun.
EPuasa 14 hari - Saidina Ali berkata bahawa fadilatnya seperti puasa 10,000 tahun.
EPuasa 15 hari - Allah mengampunkan semua dosanya yang lalu di samping menggantikan amalan kejahatan dengan amalan kebaikan. Saidina Ali berkata bahawa fadilatnya seperti puasa 100,000 tahun.
EPuasa 16 hari - dapat melihat wajah Allah di dalam syurga dan orang pertama menziarahi Allah di dalam syurga.
EPuasa 19 hari - Dibina sebuah mahligai di hadapan mahligai Nabi Allah Ibrahim dan Nabi Allah Adam.
EPuasa 20 hari - Allah mengampunkan segala dosanya yang lalu, dan melakukan amalan baik dengan baki umurnya.
ESesiapa yang berpuasa 3 hari dalam bulan Rejab dan beribadat pada malamnya seperti dia berpuasa 3,000 tahun, diampunkan baginya 70 dosa-dosa besar setiap hari, ditunaikan 70 hajat ketika keluar nyawa dari jasadnya, 70 hajat ketika di dalam kuburnya, 70 hajat ketika terbang suhuf (ketika Al-Quran dinaikkan ke langit), 70 hajat ketika ditimbang amalannya di Mizan, dan 70 hajat ketika melalui titian Siratul Mustaqim.
EBerpuasa pada 27 Rejab (Hari Israk dan Mikraj) seperti berpuasa 60 bulan pahalanya, jika disertai dengan sedekah seumpama puasa 1,000 tahun.
E Dapat meminum air sungai yang dinamakan Rejab yang mana airnya lebih putih dari susu, lebih manis daripada manisan, lebih dingin dari salji.
E Setiap umat Islam yang berpuasa di bulan Rejab seperti mengerjakan ibadat seumur hidupnya. Tambahan bersedekah seperti beribadat seribu kali haji dan umrah. Dibina untuknya seribu mahligai dengan seribu bilik dan seribu bidadari, lebih cantik daripada matahari seribu kali.
E Sedekah di bulan Rejab seumpama sedekah seribu dinar, dituliskan kepada tiap-tiap helai bulu romanya seribu kebajikan, diangkat seribu darjat dan dihapuskan seribu kejahatan serta dijauhkan daripada api Neraka.

Orang yang lemah dari berpuasa di bulan Rejab hendaklah bersedekah tiap-tiap hari, sekurang-kurangnya sebuku roti.
Kelebihan lain bulan Rejab:
1. Di dalam bulan lain Allah membalas amalan umat-Nya 10 kali, tetapi di dalan bulan Rejab Allah akan membalas amalan umat-Nya 70 kali.
2. Sesiapa meminta ampun (beristighfar) pada pagi dan petang 70 atau 100 kali di dalam bulan Rejab, diharamkan tubuhnya daripada api neraka.
3. Rejab bulan Allah, Sya'aban bulan Rasulullah. S.A.W, Ramadhan bulan umat Rasulullah S.A.W.
4. Rejab adalah bulan menabur benih, Sya'aban bulan menyiram tanaman manakala Ramadhan bulan menuai.
5. Amalan di dalam bulan Rejab menyucikan badan, Sya'aban menyucikan hati manakala Ramadhan menyucikan roh.
6. Rejab adalah bulan maghfirah (keampunan), Sya'aban bulan syafaat manakala Ramadhan bulan menggandakan kebajikan.
7. Rejab adalah bulan taubat, Sya'aban bulan muhibbah manakala Ramadhan bulan dilimpahi pahala amalan yang banyak.
8. Pahala amalan baik di dalam bulan Rejab diganda 70 pahala, Sya'aban diganda 700 pahala dan Ramadhan diganda 1,000 pahala.
Beberapa amalan lain yang baik dilakukan dalam bulan Rejab:
1. Menyucikan diri daripada dosa dengan bertaubat dan memohon ampun
2. Membersihkan hati yang lalai dan alpa melalui amalan istighfar dan zikir
3. Mendekatkan diri kepada Allah dengan menunaikan solat
4. Memohon keselamatan dan kesejahteraan dengan berselawat dan berdoa kepada-Nya
5. Menginsafkan diri dengan membaca kisah teladan perjuangan Rasulullah S.A.W. dan sirah Islam lain.
Peristiwa penting yang telah berlaku dalam bulan Rejab:
1. Israk dan Mikraj (27 Rejab)
2. Solat 5 waktu difardukan ke atas umat Islam (Malam Israk Mikraj)
3. Perang Tabuk terjadi di dalam tahun ke-9 Hijrah.