Sunday, 6 July 2008

Another year has passed in the field of medicine

Well..well..well.....isnt it another year that i have survived in this country, away from home and family. Away from the luxuries of home and KUALA LUMPUR (argh), away from it all..

I am sitting my remedial exams, hopefully to increase my marks for this semester, its going to take me half-a-month and i am not studying as hard as i had hoped *sigh*. `Nadya, Nadya,Nadya...what has gotten into you, you lil twerp!`...My exams begin this wednesday and eventually ends on the 14th. Then its freedom for Nadya!!! (by the way, im going to Bali after that, so be sure to look up the updates later on my blog)

So, today i felt like writing on how our worlds can change in just 1 year. I remember well, during the beginning of my second year, i had just suffered from a really insecure life in Jatinangor..i had problems with friends, family, guys and myself. Its like i was a total different person from who i am now. Life had never been so hard as it was the year before.

When the 2nd year began, it felt like a fresh start and i was determined not to let the past haunt me in my new beautiful home filled with new friends. Alhamdulillah, we are getting along well and have been for this year and hopefully for years to come. A person that used to be in my life, and now with another (hrmmm) had really caused the early months of my life here to be tormenting. The pain of trying to forgive and forget is one of the painful deals our tender hearts have to handle. But gradually, and hopefully, i have healed from it and only time will tell if memories can be erased. I have met other interesting people now, and they have been really great in helping me out throughout my ordeal. When one wants to forget something, always remember that everything happens for a reason. Feelings do change over a year, why suffer remembering what doesnt want to be remembered right.

How about my studies u say...*cringe*...i call this part the PEDOMAN AKHIR TAHUN. This means that, we human beings always go through the year without thinking and planning, and just when we nearly reach the end of the year, we look back and say `argh, IF ONLY i studied more, focused more and bla bla bla`. news for people like these(me especially)...why did i not do it in the first place...d-uhhh. I had hoped to really work hard for these remedial exams and the Bali trip is something like a reward, but looks like im not working hard enough, im playing hard though..*sigh*

Anyway, im someone who believes in second chances, so, i hope that i dont miss them anymore. I am grateful that i have lived through yet another year, thank you God for blessing me and my family with prosperity and happiness, and i pray for a thousand more years under Your guidance. ..


Sidney X said...

Itula...I recommend Pakwe for you, you dowan...if Johan, I bet you guys will live happily ever after like Enchanted...Awww....

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

aiya...johan oso neva cntact me ma...haha