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BALIDay Three 230708 2010


My most favourite pastime of all. I went crazy over souveniors in this shop called Krisna. (By the way, ill make a small continuation from the day before…about the shopping done in Ubud). Ubud is like a marketplace, we have to haggle for the best price on every item. Some shopkeepers were kind to give their good price at it was nearly the end of the day, while others stubbornly stood by there stand in charging the foreigners at outrageous prices! I absolutely loved the bags sold there, really, they were lovely. I tried finding for those bags in other places, but unfortunately, I am still unfortunate in finding them. So, today, the driver took us to this shop where all things have a fixed price, and cheap and best of all……..CAN USE CREDIT CARD MA! Im so sorry to have to use my credit card at this point, because I kind of promised to myself to use the cash that I had in hand. Again, unfortunately, my scholarship money has not been banked in yet and I am totally cashless right now. Here I bought stuff for my aunts in Malaysia, souveniors for friends and for myself, only the essentials. (yeahh right).


Today, at this very place, we felt the coldness of Bali again. Bedugul is another place high up in the mountains of Bali. As usual, none of us were prepared for cold in Bali, so we were practically shivering way up in high altitudes. The journey up was a long one, so once we reached the top, we decided it was time for lunch already. Our stop—Mentari Restaurant, another Balinese Buffet. By the way, did I mention yet, so far, all the food that I ate and munched and crunched in Bali tastes sooo good. Im beginning to think that my body metabolisme has increased as my sense of hunger has grown a few inches longer!

--Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

The floating temple, the locals call it. And yes, it is a sight to behold. The clean temple grounds boasts the magnificent glory of the Hindhus in the past of Bali island. The splendid architecture was exquisite and each temple had its own unique carvings. This place is just a few minutes away from Bedugul. The lake from this temple is connected with the same lake from Bedugul.

--Strawberry farm and Monkeys jumping on me in Monkey Temple

That one was a looser tourist site (jahatnya saya cakap macam tu). The strawberry farm was just a short stop so I did not get too pissed off about it. Our next destination was the Monkey Temple. Something interesting happened to me while I was in the monkey temple. We were strolling down the road leading to the temple with our guide when a dozen or so monkeys suddenly began oo-oo-aa-aa-iiiiiiiiing at me and the big mamma jumped on my head and began jumping on my hair!!!i felt like I was being held hostage on a practical joke being pulled by cheeky monkeys!! Then as Big Mamma jumped down after I was screaming, Big Daddy tugged on my jeans and gave me cute puppy-dog eyes, looking up at me and asking for food. That was the cutest thing ever! Monkeys sure know a way to a girls heart or head, especially mine =)

--Tanah Lot, sunset and sad sea

We arrived late at our last visit, the infamous Tanah Lot, which temples crown the front pages of many Bali post cards. The day was not meant to be, and we did not catch the sunset in time. We took pictures before it got dark, bought a few things in the tourist market and headed back to our hotel after a very tiring day traveling the inner parts of Bali island.

--Night à Same tradition, tapaw food and ate on beach, went to Legian Street which is famous for its night life. There were loads of hot clubs for groovy clubbers. On the way back, we past the place where two of the clubs were bombed – Paddys club and another one which I cant remember. There were 500 casualties during the bombing and a monument stands to remember the dead during those dark days.

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