Tuesday, 22 July 2008


BALIDay Two 210708 2320

--morning swim in the ocean

6.30 a.m…I was awaken by the loud thuds of Tahirah waking up. We were already quite late for our morning swim at Kuta Beach. I grabbed my towel, brushed my teeth and all 4 of us bounded to the beach. To our surprise, we were early birds, there were not so many people swimming or surfing as we had imagined there to be, after we got ourselves in the water, then we realized the reason why---it was COLD!EXTRA COLD! The waves sweeping beneath my little feet felt like smooth ice cutting through the warmth of my body. Brrr…coldness…coldness.

--barong and keris dance

9.30 a.m…The car that we traveled in sped into the winding road of Bali Island to bring us to our very first stop for the day—the Barong and Keris Dance Theater. The cost of entering this theater was Rp50k and I expected the best with such a price. As it turned out…it was not worth my penny watching it. Personally, I thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience, something like the Hakka Dance that I watched in New Zealand, but instead, it turned out to be on the verge of dreadfully terrible! Basically, the concept of the traditional dance was one of uniqueness but the theater itself did not catch the essence of the dance and they evolved it into one dance that had vulgar scenes. A lot of the `orang putihs` shaked their heads in disagreement, some even told their children not to look. It was pitiful to see such fine art go to waste.

--batik, silver, art, woodcraft center

The rest of the day was spent without much acknowledgement because we went to places that sold pretty expensive stuff which were not up to the products name. I guess because the driver took us to tourist stops. We did take lots of pictures though. By the way, did I mention that I would post pictures later coz it takes a long time.

--lunch overlooking the volcano in Kintamani and lastly of coffee beans and cocoa fruits

My Rp100k was gone when we took lunch overlooking the volcano in Kintamani. It was a Balinese buffet and we enjoyed the taste of Asian delight at the laps of luxury (by the way, I never knew Bali could have cold spots, Kintamani is one of them~colldddd).

* I will edit these blogs some time…im writing these in a hurry…its not that perfect yet….sorry

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