Monday, 28 July 2008

BALIday four

BALIday four 230708

We set out early in the morning…it is watersports day! Finally the day that would make us feel like we really are in Bali. If you had read the posts before, most of the places we visited was cold, which is quite unbelievable. So, the fourth day in Bali is dedicated to getting our skin burnt and crispy!!

In my long pants and long sleeves which were chosen to block the sun, we got on a boat and headed of to another part of the beach. Kicking it off firstly with parasailing, (for all who do not know me well, I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS), we are hooked up to a parachute and straight away blown by the wind when pulled by a speed boat right up into the air…. I could see a hundred miles from up there. The scenery was awesome! I thought I would be afraid, but I guess because it was kind of leisurely, it felt good up there.

Next item on the list, we went snorkelling. The ocean was not as clear as most days so we could not see much. We were given bread to feed the fish though, but by the time the bread reached the swirling water, it was gone with the waves…

I kinda feel very touristy…is my blog entry getting a bit too much like a family travel guide? Well, what the heck, its my blog anyway…hehe.. as I was saying, we took a trip to turtle island and I think it felt more like a zoo, I took pictures with animals (so budak kecikky). Barefooted as we trudged in the sand, I think I stepped on a lot of animal poo….

Once we were finished with those, only the three of us (me, elis and miss guling a.k.a tahirah) took up the other sports while the others basked in the hot sun. We got on a banana boat for starters and it was more like a scenic ride as it was slow. I did enjoy it as we sped along the coasts and I could see more of that part of Bali, which is known as Nusa Dua. A famous spot for water sport and also resorts. The next activity was one which took a toll on me – wakeboarding! I really felt like giving up when I was trying. It is kind of like skateboard in water. I felt like the water running through my nose every time I fell back into the sea was trying to blow my brains out!for Real!! We ended the day with Flying Fish, which I went on alone, not scary but quite cool. At the end of the day, it was already nearing four and we were the last ones to go home. I enjoyed the day, but I just cant seem to write a more exciting entry for this day because im kind of tired. (this blog is written late and not on the day intended)


fuzen hasin said...

the day four totally awesome...tuh baru btol2 at BALI......playing water
whole day...ya ampun cik nadya....jeles k...plz do bring me there one day!!!

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

haha...sure will.....still wanna lepak at bali.....but must wait till i memutih kembali...huhuhhuhu