Monday, 28 July 2008

BALIday 6

BALIday six 250708

Come to think of it, I think there are a lot more sweet memories that I did not write in this blog. I really feel as if I am writing rubbish, but I still want to write the only basic pieces that I remember…in case I forget everything if one day I come back to Bali with my cucu and cicits, at least I can tell them ….nenek dh buat nie….that would be so cool. Gosh!! I do feel so old, im even already talking about grandchildren, that’s crazy!

Day six is free day… no guides, no plan, no nothing. So, the four of us single people decided to do some last minute shopping at this place called Sukawati. In Bali, it is really cheap to buy early in the morning. They believe that the people who come and buy in the morning are “pelaris”. So, if you want to shop, be an early bird. We got good stuff at really great prices and once they get hold of the money you pay for the item, they will wave it at the other items in the shop in hope of rezeki for the whole day.

Our next stop – GWK, Garuda Wisnu Kencana. It is supposed to be a really large statue that has been built since 1993 and works on the statue is still going on, believe me it is really big. Once it is finished, it can be seen clearly from the satellite. One really disgusting thing happened while I was there. I don’t know if the word disgusting is appropriate to be used. Well, what happened was, I wanted to take a picture with this woman who was wearing the traditional kebaya. Suddenly, while putting her hands together Balinese style, she said softly so that only I could hear ….MINTA TIPS NYA YA!!! Oh god, I was so shocked! But I had to give tips as the picture was taken already. You know what, I should have cancelled!!

Dreamland-----we had to go there….the ocean was sooo blue….it was beautiful like sparkling diamonds shining in the sun. the wave was huge and covered the surface of the beautiful white sandy beach. ANOTHER THING HAPPENED TO ME HERE!!! I was happily posing for a photo on the beach, curling my toes in the dry san far far far FARRR away from the waves, when suddenly, a large wave came and washed half of my body.!i was totally soaked!and I did not intend to get soaked! I did not have any extra clothes, and what was worse, my handphone was in my pocket of my pants!!!!!! AND NOW MY BELOVED NOKIA N76 DAH ROSAK……….THAT IS SO SAD….

From Dreamland, we set off to Uluwatu Temple, the time specifically planned so that we will arrive just in time for the sunset. To go into the temple, everyone must wear a piece of clothe tied around the waist and for those who are wearing shorts, they are given purple coloured sarongs. The view from the temple was breathless…..waves crashed onto murky rocks,green leaves dropped at the song from the wind, monkeys fooling around. By the way, the monkeys here are the worst so far. They will steal glasses, hats and anything detachable, and if you do not give him food fast, they will tear the thing they stole into pieces right before your very eyes.

By 5, we sat at an amphitheatre to watch the Kecak Dance. This dance is only done during the sunset. It was really cool and funny. The Kecak Dance is supposedly to satisfy the Sea God and there are nearly 70 men praising that God around a fire. The day was hot when the dance started as the men danced and chanted while the sun was setting in the background. After nearly two hours, the show finished and it was already night time, the day which was hot had turned into a cold breeze, blowing the hairs on my face.

BUBBA GUMP----that night, we ate our hearts out on shrimps, shrimps and more shrimps at BUBBA GUMP. I can still taste as the butter on the shrimps melted in my mouth---that good ey….and the price was gooood…..put a hole in my pocket it did……but no worries, it was all worth it.

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