Tuesday, 22 July 2008


BALIDAY ONE 20.07.08 2310

I still cant believe it! Im finally in Bali! Ive waited for this moment since the month of April which was when I finally booked the ticket for this one week holiday. There are 8 of us in this group- me, tahirah, elis, natrah, hajar, athes, pika and farhan. That makes us four singles and two pairs of couples. Us singles stay in a separate hotel which we also had pre booked, the Bakung Sari Hotel. One night costs us around RM80, two people per room. My roommate happened to be Tahirah, which was decided after the Lat-Tali-Lat thing..hehe

Before I go on, I would like to describe the sight that we beheld when we were on the plane to Bali. We crossed the oceans and there were land filled with volcanoes. It was magnificent, It looked like mankind were humbled by the work of God Himself at such dangerous beauty. The plane landed on a stretch of land right in the middle of the ocean, it was awesome, and it was a really beautiful first hand experience.All of us squealed with delight as the tyres screeched when the plane landed on the landing strip, we were finally living our one week vacation!

Our accommodation was a reasonable place, it is quite comfortable and we have not faced any problems so far. When we settled down, I took a much-needed cold shower and joined the others to look around the part of Bali that we were staying in,KUTA. We walked in the steaming hot sun, me and my white flip-flops, with sunscreen and sunglasses equipped, our first stop – Kuta Beach. On the way to the beach, we passed lots of surf shops, Hard Rock and a boulevard of shopping-not-so-heaven as it is quite expensive. By the way, of all the things we did first, we stopped at can-you-believe-it ---KFC!!HAHA….bought ourselves some food, and ate on the beach, looking at people surfing and laughing at people trying and failing at it. (Although, obviously, all of us don’t know how to surf!!)We stayed there for an hour or two, just enjoying the summer breeze under scorching sun and getting darker by the minute. After that, we headed back to our hotel and I took another shower as tonight we were going to eat seafood at Jimbaran.

At 5.00 pm, our transport arrived and all 8 of us went to Jimbaran. Our stop—Segara Restaurant. When I got there, personally, I felt that I wanted to get married in Bali!!HEHE.. The restaurants there had tables and chairs on the beach itself! Imagine this, we dined on the beach while watching the beautiful sunset!!!!What could be more beautiful, serene, peaceful (and words cannot describe it!!) than eating out on the beach like that! I LOVED EVERY SECONDOF IT!!! We took many photos, some of them showing the warmth of the island, while some showing the fun side of us all…So, when the food finally arrived, night had come..and with fresh coconut juice trickling down our parched throats, and fresh seafood as our feast, the night was perfect. And to top it all of, we were serenaded with a band of musicians a little while, (actually they didn’t come to our table, I guess they could see we were students---poorer than most!!)huhu..

To ease the food in our intestines, we went back to the hotel, prayed and went out again to walk in Kuta at night. We were followed by this half-drunk Englishman, but in the end, he did not exactly trouble us, so the night turned out alright. Now, I am safe and sound in the hotel room, silently typing my first day in Bali. Hopefully, tomorrow would be another day filled with wonders. For now, that is all from Nadya in Bali. Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. Updates more tomorrow!! ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZ

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