Sunday, 9 November 2008

Antara kemahuan, keperluan dan kewajipan

have i lost the battle............


will i fight again.........



--i dont know

decisions suck

--yeahhh,tell me about it

people will talk about this you know.....

--well then, i must be prepared

remember wut dad told was never a mistake,wut u did....u just need some space and time

--i miss home..,i wanna go home...

do u still luv and fear God

--u think just because im doing this i lost my faith!!!NO!!!

remember your promise to urself...if u take this road,there better be one hell of a good reason for doing it!!

-- fine!!! i will keep that day,i will prove myself worth!!!

well then nadya amin shaharudin....get ready, brace yourself for wutever it is you are gonna face.....everyone will be against you...but you always have God with you, by your side, trust in in yourself...and if anyone asks you what the hell were you thinking...

-- go talk to my parents....dey know what i feel

the end~~~



Anonymous said...

i knew it on friday, tapi saje malas percaya (walaupon sebnarnya dah tahu melalui sumber yg sahih.=p), cadang nak msg, tapi niat terbantut.

so alang-alang dah dtg ke sini,nk komen jelah kat sini. boleh kan? hehe...i strongly blieve u'll make dat dcision once again-in da future. tapi,wat masa ni, i hope u ade alasan2 yg kukuh utk diberitahu kpd nonmuslim atau muslim2 liberal yang sedang mencari2 kelemahan islam.

sebab takut jadi fitnah pulak pd islam. islam ni mnyusahkan ke,xsesuai dgn trend ke,nnt dorg pk camtu. sbb tgk u dah tukar balik. so u kene explain la ek?

faham maksudnya tu kan? hehe...semoga berjaya,jgn berhenti berusaha,ok?=)

Fuzzy A! said...

Welcome back to the dark side. We got new curtains since you were away, haha.

Seriously, it's just wasn't your time [if there is such thing as one's time, that is], so you weren't completely ready for it. That's it. You're not a failure for not completing it.

It's like those cheesy kungfu movies. First time fight bad guy sure lose one, but later will win one.

And anyways, Islam is not in the way one dresses but the way one acts. Being a hypocrite is way worse than casting aside the tudung. And if you're concerned with what others would say, non-muslims or liberals or whatever, basically all human beings, hate hypocrites more. [That is what you're doing right?]

Anonymous said...

I haven’t made any comment since you started wearing tudung. Ok, that is not technically true because I still remembered there’s one night that we hang around at your room as always and you asked all of us what do we think of you wearing tudung and at that time I suggested you to start with a small and simple step such as wearing it every Friday but you disagreed with me. You said you don’t wanna be such a hypocrite…

And from that moment, I don’t bother to comment anything about your new look and every time you complaint about it. Sorry, but it’s because I think you’re too ambitious. You can’t just turn yourself into somebody else in just one day. You have to take it easy. Keep it simple. You have been spending most of your 20 years not wearing tudung and do you think you can just change your appearance in one damn day? Rome was not built in one day, girl… Your body and soul need some times. If you, too, still remember that in order for a baby to walk also requires few simple steps such us learning to sit, roll over and crawl before moving on to pulling up and standing. Every single damn thing needs step and stage so that it can adapt and cope well with the change. That’s what I tried to tell you from the very beginning of your move.

But yeah, maybe your definition of hypocrite and mine is different. After all, it’s just my two cents.

andaiNYA... said...
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andaiNYA... said...

take a deep breath...
hoping dats not our last breath yet..hehe
so still have time to read my comment..=)
and i also can write mine..=)
hehe again..

decision... not sucks at all..
i dont know whether u realize it or not
that life is all about making choices..
we are part of this decision making since in the 'alam roh'
even our mum's ovum do selective decision to choose the best sperm to became us right now...

so we have to choose!!
we have to make desicion!!
i am sure that both of us want to success 'dunia dan akhirat'

because Allah juz gives us two path..
so we HAVE to choose which path we want to be?...right NOW..
because we don't there still tomorrow for us?
n i am do pray that ALL of us to be in the path dat we always said during pray...

"Tunjukkanlah kami JALAN yang LURUS..Iaitu Jalan Orang Orang Yang KAU beri NIKMAT kepada mereka..Bukan Jalan mereka yang engkau murkai dan bukan pula juga jalan mereka yang sesat"

ok..back to the topic..
you already made decision..
n i understand..ITS NOT EASY..
i am do experience that before...
and i do agree with your dad..
"it was never a mistake,wut u did....u just need some space and time"

u just need some space..
some times..
to learn and understand more and more about ISLAM...
like people said..'tk kenal maka tak cinta' can u feel in LOVE with something that you are not familiar wit?

i don't think
-whether u 'bertudung or NOT
-whether "org yg pakai tudung lebih baik?"
-whether org yg x pakai tudung x semetinya tak baik?
n other list goes on..
is the matter?

what's the matter is that..whether we obey Allah's or NOT??
the key of ISLAM, and to be a TUNDUK+TAAT


kita=hamba(nk bagi nampak kecil sikit..hamba yang di buat drpd tanah,tempat yang dipijak pijak..)

DIA=tuhan,tuan(Tuhan yang maha ESA,MAHA BERKUASA,dan SEGALA "MAHA"adalah kepunyaanNYA)

so All the ibadah we do..because of this 'sifat'
sbb kita tunduk pada DIA
sebab DIA menyuruh kita..
sebab DIA arah kita..
bukan sebab lain(sebab nk sehat ke.sebab susah ke dll)

so as a MUSLIM..
yang dengan hati dan mulut serta perbuatan..
mengakui dan bersaksi bahawa
'tiada TUHAN yang disembah melainkan Allah..dan juga bersaksi bahawa NABI MUHAMMAD itu persuruh Allah'
sewajarnyalah kita tunduk dan patuh hanyalah padaNYA..
bukan pada YANG LAIN (hati,perasaan,nafsu,syaitan n others)

wahai orang orang yang beriman! masuklah kamu kedalam Islam SECARA KESELURUHAN(dengan mematuhi segala hukumNYA) dan janganlah kamu mengikuti langkah-langkah syaitan.Sungguh Ia musuh yang nyata bagimu.

yang dimaksudkan dengan masuk kedlam that..kita perlu masuk secara keseluruhan..
thats mean..
kita x boleh cakap..

"aku dah semahyang,mengaji semua..
cuma tudung je aku tak korang tak boleh kata aku teruk

tak pun..

"aku ni bab bab aurat ni insya Allah la..tapi solat ni..aku mals sikit...tapi kira oraitla..aurat aku jaga"

tak pun..
"aku dah solat tudung semua..cuma amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar tu aku tak boleh buat"
and others la....

we can't do dat!!!
sebab bila kita mngaku MUSLIM..
kita tak boleh 'pandang remeh segala perintah Allah'
sikit pun tak boleh..
macam Drrazi kata dlm blog dia..
kalau buat baik pun tak boleh BERBANGGA...kalau tak buat baik apatah lagi tak boleh BERBANGGA..
sebab BANGGA,SOMBONG,dll adlah ALLAH shaja yang layak memilikinya..
pelbagai NIKMAT yang ALLAH free ja tak payah bayar..dan kita pun tak stiap masa berdoa..Ya Allah..bagilah aku oksigen..bagilah aku oksigen..n walaupun kita tak doa mcmtu..ALLAH tanpa mengira KAUM,AGAMA,BANGSA..bagi je o2 kt semua orang..tapi ALLAH pun TAK BERBANGGA macam kita..

ni kita buat amal ibadat sikit..tu pun tak patuh semua..nak BANGGA kata kita baik?tak pun dah la tak buat papa..pastu nak BANGGA kata hebat(fuhh..act dis..ditujukan pada diri sya sendiri..ASTAGHFIRULLAH)..kita ni hamba..apa yang Allah suruh pun tak sepenuhnya kita mampu buat..apa yang dia larang pun tak semua kita mampu tahan..tapi Allah still tak kedekut dengan kita.still tak berkira dengan kita..still bagi 02
kt kita..still tunaikan DOA doa kita..
cuba byg kalau Allah mintak setiap hembusan nafas dengan 10 sen ke kan..confirm tak mampu nk bayar..tak pun dia tahan nafas kita dalam 5 minit ke tak bagi 02..agk2 kt hidup lg x?
tapi Allah maha pengurah maha penyayang maha pengampun...
tak pernah tinggalkan kita walau sekejap pun...
Tak rasa bersalah kah kita?
adakh kita masi rasa kita hebat???

huish..pnjg lebar pulak..lain kali tulisla kat blog sendirila?hehe..
sori yer nadya..tiba2 plak bersemangat..tapi juz muhasabah diri sendiri juga..

ok..sebelum lebih panjang..
gonna stop here.. tadi i said...
u need space n time to understand more and more about ISLAM.. i said before in the previous post..
"in the final analysis.. its between you and god..not between you and them anyway"

so..don't care if people saying anything bad about u..
you know yourself well..
don't let them interrupt u..
but the most important things..
jangan lupa pandangan Allah..
apa Allah akan kata kat kita..
MALU lah pada Allah..bukan selainNya..
TAAT TUNDUK dan PATUH hanyalah padaNYA..
i think the best solution is that..kembalilah kepada Allah..
kenal lah dia Dangan lebih dekat..
you said before..that u are NOT strong enough!
so,sekarangg kena fikir..macam mana nk strong balik..bukan..dah tak strong..dahla..balik semula..
so 1 way nk strong is...
mulalh mengenal Allah..
banyakkan dekat diri padanya..
biasala..kita manusia..
ada part2 kita bagus..ada part2 kita lemah..
semua orang pun sama..
cuma Allah sahaja yang boleh menguatkan kita..

banyak2lah berdoa
"ya muqalibal qulub..tsabbit qalbi 'ala dinnik.Ya muqalibal qulub..tsabbit qalbi 'ala tho'atiq

wahai tuhan yang membolak balikkan hati..tetapkanlah hati ini dalam agamamu. dalam ketaatan kepada perintah mu.

dan juga doa ini
"robbana la tuzi' qulubana ba'da iz hadaitana wa hablana min ladunkarahmah..innaka anta al wahhab"
wahai tuhan kami..janganlah engkau condongkan hati kami setelah engkau memberi petunjuk pada kami.sesungguhnya Engkaulah yang MAha Pemberi"

banyakkan berdoa dan kembali padanya..

akhir kata..
buat salah itu biasa..mengakui kesalahan itu luar biasa...
jangan rasa selesa duduk dalam salah selama lamanya...

p/s..i am juz sharing all of this..because i believe that i am yr frend.. juz because i love u..but this NOT mean that i am better..i am human too..tak lari dari salah..if u find me doing something wrong..or not strong enough ..or others me..ok..sory if iam saying anything wrong..believe me..iam do experience this before and i know how it feel and someone do help me with that(he told me about "the pandangan Allah that we should care most,not others) and from that i do on off wearing tudung to regain my courage..and after all..i am do comfortable with it i do hope.. i can share it wit u like someone i said before shared it with me=)..sori again fro anything wrong..!!

lastly..jihad yang paling besar adalah jihad melawn hawa nafsu..its NOT EASY..but we have to fight fight fight...
jatuh mesti kena bgn blk!!!

aKmA said...

dear nadya..

nad!!kangen sama kamu!!hu2!!

for ur info, kmk follow blog ktk sbenanya..hek3!!

fren, syukur anda telah melakukan sesuatu yang orang laen mungkin payah nak buat..alhamdulillah!!

i'm happy with ur decision dear!!teruskanlah berjalan tanpa henti..pandangan ALLAH yang harus dititikberatkan..bukan manusia..manusia apa ada pada mereka??ALLAH punya segala!!=)

semoga di bawah redhaNYA selalu..=)

aKmA said...
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aKmA said...

dear nad..

I think I commented at the wrong post..huhu~

comment di atas adalah untuk entries sebelom ini..=(