Tuesday, 5 May 2009

i need inspiration, not broken promises

today, yesterday, and a few days before has been very monotonous. life has been the same as always, class begins either around 7 or 9, i wake up 15 minutes before, rushing, and go to class. on hot days, i take the car, but now, they tragically are doing roadworks at the university entrance. So, it takes me nearly 15-20 minutes to get to class, when normally i can reach in 5 minutes.

Car is very dirty. keep reminding myself to get it washed. but the jam in jatinangor is so bad that i dont have the mood to send it for washing, i want to wash myself but i dont have time. Have lots of work to do, and i keep putting things off. Thats a really bad habit of mine. Its either i put things off(is it off or of,i always get confused), or i dont put my heart into everything i do unless i really want it.


Hmm, since i have lack of inspiration today, i just would like to make a few notes.

1. to my tutorial mates,

im sorry my work hasnt been good this semester, i know i did not try hard and i did not do my learning issues well. i am ashamed of that fact because i used to pride myself that i would put my everything in my presentation so that other people understand. but this semester, i dont know why, maybe its because of the lack of inspiration ...or its just plain laziness. I dont know which, but i have to stop this. i can totally see the clueless stares my dear tutorial mates give me, and i feel the terrible pang of guilt. i would just like to say im sorry, ill try better next time.


haihh, the lack of inspiration is so bad that i dont even have any idea what to write to my tutorial mates. Im doing past year questions now, and i was supposed to finish it by today, but im still doing it. (haihh, nak buat past year questions pun tengah tiada semangat)...

did someone take away my passion, my inspiration~


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