Saturday, 2 May 2009

What a prayer is worth (2)

** if you have not read part 1, i would advise you to close your eyes and read the entry below before reading peeking =)

Hye there, im back from the comparative religion seminar. It was just as good as i thought it would be, no, it was way better. Theres so many things that i found interesting that i would like to share, but maybe i would do it in another entry. InsyaAllah.

Anyway, theres this other story i would like to share, also based on my experience. YOu must be bored reading about my experiences, but as of now, i have very little knowledge, my life so far has been based on experience. When i was the pizza-faced teenager at age 13, i was (notice the usage of the word was) a semi- bright student. I dont know why, but suddenly, at that particular year, my brain grew a bit bigger, and i became a smarty-pants.I knew i did not have to study much, and for sure i would get a perfect score in my exams and gain the most wanted 1st placing in class, and among the top 10 in the whole batch. Theres only 2 explanations for that, it was either i was a genius, or i was a geek. I think i was a geek. haha...

Well as the story goes, i would always get number 1 in class for every exam, and i loved the attention (who doesnt). There was this chinese boy in my class who was also a mr smarty-pants who would always try to beat me for the top spot (because chinese people are supposed to be smarter than malays, that is the common acknowledgement). So we were friends, but, there i was, a big competition to him. It was the end of the year, and in high school, the end of the year exams were major. Maybe i was too proud of my achievement so far, that i did not study much and when the results came out, i was number 4 in class, and the chinese boy got 1st. I never felt so humiliated in my life, i felt the whole world was over. And to make things even worse, i had to go through the whole day looking at that chinese boy with a super big smile on his face, he had finally beaten this malay girl.

I went home crying, it was the end of the world~ I did not dare tell my dear mother that i did not get number 1 this time, so who did i consult, i decided to talk to God. At that time, i performed the solat hajat. With tears streaming down my face, i prayed~

Dear Allah, if you are hearing this prayer, please know that i am so sorry that i might have been too proud of myself all this while. I promise i will not be proud of anything anymore, everything that i achieved so far is from you.
Dear Allah, i know its too late to change anything now, but i really really really wish that you could spare some time to fulfill my prayer. Just this one prayer~ Did you know i got number 4 this year, i am so ashamed, dear Allah, i know its too late, but......~

The next day at school, the teacher called me and the chinese boy into her office. Guess what, the teacher had mistakenly changed our marks, and i was supposed to be number 1, and the boy number 4. I say, that was one of the biggest miracles i had ever experienced in my life although it was for something small, but hey, it mattered a lot to me at the time *_*


If anyone asks me, what a prayer is worth, theres only one thing i would answer. To me, a prayer is worth more than anything in the world and because of prayers, i now believe in miracles. I know that my experiences have nothing to do with life and death or anything, it is just something small that i had gone through along the way, but has left a big mark until now.

A prayer is one of the main things in Islam, and believe it or not, it is one of the easiest thing to do. Just spending 10 minutes to think about God, is it so hard to spare. When God had taken care of creating us imperfectly perfect human beings, the least we can do is thank him.

I used to limit what i wish to ask from Allah in my prayers, until i found out, Allah does not limit how much we want to wish. He is not a genie who gives only 3 wishes. We can wish as many as we want, ask Him for help and forgiveness, and turn to him in our time of need or when we simply want to say thank you. God always listen to what we ask for, just sometimes the answer is no...

so, what a prayer is worth~ its worth a miracle..........


.:: Miss Indee ::. said...

Sangat terharu bila baca part awak berdoa dan doa awak dimakbulkan tu... Memang jelaslah Allah tu Maha Mendengar setiap doa dan rintihan hamba2Nya...

Tapi, sometimes ada jugak doa2 kita yang tak dimakbulkan lagi... whether kita masih tak cukup berdoa ataupun memang kita tak ditakdirkan untuk perkara tu. Lagi satu sebab, mungkin kita akan mendapat kemudaratan kalau Dia makbulkan perkara tu. Allah Maha Mengetahui. So berserah sahaja kepada Dia.

p/s: perasaan tak kalau kita ada masalah baru kita nak teringat kat Dia sedangkan Dia selalu je ada dengan kita. haish~ betapa jahilnya diri ini.

kamen said...

now i am REALLY jealous...;)