Monday, 4 May 2009

thanks for the memories

Hey there friend, do you still remember me
Do you still think of me, of how we used to be
Or think of how we could have been
In the future, in the past, after all we had seen…

Hye friend,
I still remember you, I miss you, and all the time I remember
I still think of you, and I wished that our hearts had melted together
If only fate had other plans, things could have differ
But it was not meant to be, and not you, but I was to suffer…

Hey friend,
Did you find me, did I find you, or did we find each other
Who joked first, who smiled first, and filled my life with laughter
Did you bring me this far, just to let me go down a path alone
Did you mean the things you said, before you became as hard as stone…

No friend,
Maybe we shouldn’t have met in the first place
Me and you, what we had, is now nothing but waste
All this time, I was the one who valued our friendship more than anything,
How was I to know, you are everything, and me to you means nothing…

Stop friend,
I am tired of wishing for things to change, you don’t even know you are hurting me
How can you live your life with all those lies, and you don’t even feel guilty
You dragged me this far, leaving me at a junction, don’t know where to go
Even though I wish it was different, I know the answer would always be no…

Ok friend,
You have made your decision, and I have made mine
We would look back, you can smile, but know that I can only afford a cry
Its hard to change, you know, I know, that love is blind,
But I cant force anything, except just force myself to say goodbye…

Dear friend,
Maybe next time you should appreciate what you have or had
I just want you to know, you made my life, one too sad
Maybe you didn’t mean to do the things you do, I understand and I forgive
Alright dear friend, I have to move on, ive decided, im going to live…

Goodbye friend,
Don’t forget me, and I wont forget you
The things in the past, I still wish it were true
I hope what we once dreamed of would become realities,
In the meantime, dear friend, thanks for the memories…

*** i should be studying right now, but my stomach ache hasnt gone away, so i cant focus (alasannn)and felt like writing a poem

*** heres a poem, to no one in particular, maybe fact or fiction, believe what you want to believe

*** hahaha~~ i think its extremely jiwang, all my poems are sadistically so~

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