Tuesday, 12 May 2009

standing tall in high heels~

Occasionally, no, most of the time, i wear high heels,whether it is to class or out for shopping, or just on a casual day somewhere. my feet ache, my leg muscles do scream in agony, but i walk the talk, standing high in my high heels. why go through so much suffering, you may ask~~~well, blame it on society and the type of people it has brought up to be.

SO, im this ordinary girl who suddenly stopped shorty, literally, of growing up at a young age. Standing only a few centimetres over 5 feet, i am definitely no towering personality. I do realize that im short,no, im vertically challenged and i have begun to embrace it, sometimes, but that doesnt mean that embracing who we are gives other people the ability to look down upon your imperfections.

I always seem to chance upon people who love to rub the imperfections that i have in my face. for example, they would go like `oh my god, do you realize how short you are`, or `how does it feel to be so short`, or maybe something less hurtful like `YOU ARE SHORT`..well, i never! *puff* I just dont understand where did the politeness in our community go. dont people have feelings no more, or is it just i that have too much to feel. People who are lucky enough to be born with something of additional quality like height, less weight, or less melanin in their skin, sometimes unknowingly or knowingly look down upon people who did not have such luck.

If i notice something that is imperfect about someone, i really really try my best to refrain from saying anything about it. (if i did, please take note that it was never, never intentional), or if it was, it was only to people who i was really mad at because they dont have the courtesy to refrain their mouth on gawking at someones unchosen imperfections. seriously, i dont understand, never will and hope i never understand people like that. but then again, who am i to judge others~

woahh, this sounds like an emo entry....but its not at all...its just something i was thinking about a long time ago.~

ANyway, in the bigger picture, i dont care what people say about me, although i do take it to heart sometimes. But as i said, to embrace your imperfections, is a route to being perfect. If people say it as a joke, i dont mind it much, im all grownup now, hey, thats nothing man. But if they rub it in my face, god, i wish i could just freaking let them have a taste of how it feels like to be in my shoes!

Im short, and i cant do anything about it
But atleast im female, and thank god someone invented heels.
If i was tall, i would never want to wear high heels and just wear loafers everywhere i go
Too bad im short, but hey, im still standing tall!! =)