Tuesday, 5 May 2009

i dont want to say goodbye =(

Im doing my past year questions VERY very slowly, i have a deadline, but i cant seem to be focusing on what im doing. Maybe a little bit of blogging should help (not)~

Actually feling a bit sad now, because i just finished my goodbye letters to my 2 best friends since zaman hingusan in kutpm....sedihnya, feel like crying, dah cry pun....i did not have time to see them much the last days before they go back. so tonight we are going out, maybe for the last time in our lives, i dont know.... sedihnya...sedihnya......menangis x henti ni~~~~rindunya kat deorang.....sedihhhhhhhhhhh

i wish we had more time to spend, argh....sedih....i cant write anything coz tengah menangis sambil tulis....wuwuwuwuwuw.......

i remember the first time i met them in kutpm, i went into the same house with them, and there was such a chemistry that we got along quickly. kenangan pahit, manis, jahat, baik, we had gone through together. not many here know im EXTREMELY CLOSE to them and i love these 2 girls so much..they have always been there for me no matter what. when i had problems, i would run to their place just to talk to them and stay the night there....now, i dont have any place to go....i will miss them so much...

i dont know what rubbish im writing now, i know im just crying like mad~~~ wuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwwu

how can friends be so valuable to you, i dont know...but they are to me.... it feels bad that i have to cry for them, when i really should be happy because they finally finished here, tapi xboleh....nak menangis jugak......xnak deorng balik.....nanti rindu sorang2.... =( =(

cant wait to see them tonight, but the minute i see them, it means that i have to say goodbye.....xsanggup nak jumpa.....nanti menangis lagi teruk....=( ......dahla tengah dengar lagu nasyid time ni, haihh, lagi la nak menangis....eeeeeeeeeeee


fatin comel said...

darling....if one day u haf to say goodbye to me...will u cry too?? sobsobsobbb...

.:: Miss Indee ::. said...


Don't cry... ur friends only go back to their hometown je kan? windu2 nanti bole je contact... email bole, sms bole, ym bole (siap bole video cam lagi..), skype bole... sume2 yang berkaitan la bole gune kalau nak contact dorang... betul tak?. hehe...

Tibe-tibe sibuk plak komen kat sini. ;)

nur_aishah said...

Nad....waaaaa..u nangis i pon nak join skali...huhuk

I pon dpt sindrom kemurungan bla fikir nak tinggalkan Jatinangor. Lagi nervous bla fikir klinikal kat UKM..

Terharu bla dpt tau ada org nangis utk ktaorg.Huhu..Tp WE ONLY PART TO MEET AGAIN..I pasang niat nak jumpa u lagi pas ni..if ada antara kita yg makan 'nasi minyak' pon WAJIB masing2 kena jemput.

Kta ada Blog, YM, Facebook..so u jgn risau if takot lost contact..hehe


See you kejap lagi...(",).XOXO

Anonymous said...

hye dear senior..u might not know who i am but i'm 1 of ur juniors ere at unpad.i've been reading ur blog n i really enjoy it! i actually found ur blog accidentally,from 1 of ur fren's blog,there's ur link n i click n ere i am,i love reading ur writing as i love english.ur english is amazing!
you've ur own style in writing n what amazed me the most is that we share many things in common! we share our conflicts, thoughts n also name!oopsz!
i can see my own conflicts in most of ur articles,when ppl coax u,i feel they coax me as well n the feeling is so very beautiful!
i wanna thank u,dear sis nadya!
i'll keep reading ur blog, as it gives me some kinda strength 2 keep living n i know i'm not alone!

D.M.B.L. said...

Thanks for dropping by & the wish Nad. A very pleasant luck 2 u also there. keep in touch!

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

fatin--- if u JUMP, I JUMP....if u die..i die~~


of course i would cry if i were to say goodbye to you!!!!

*sobbbbb* *sooooobbbbbbbooosssss*..


as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

dear miss indie....

hehe...thankx for the care~
so sad that my friends are going back~
but even happier coz there are people like you who care that i was sad +_+

yeayy! *hugs*

ps...can contact, but im not the type to contact people much,no matter how much i lurvee them to bits..haihh,,,such a bad habit of mine!

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

dearest aish~

i thought u were going back on the other day, and not at midnight to jakarta!


so sad...couldnt say a personal goodbye~

i hope you loved the zebra~

u should name it noddy!!hehehehhe

as you said

we only part to meet again~~

miss ya!!

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

to dearest-junior-with-same-name

=) =) =) <---- extremely big smile

we nadyas\nadias think alike dont we!

indonesia is a place where we face everything

no money~


but there would always be something to make us better in the end..

hope to meet u in person one day!till then, thanx for the comment

do smile at me and wink twice if you see me in campus so ill know its u!haha~just kidding

take care!

nur_aishah said...


wat a coincidence..
I named her noddy too
BDW..u gave me the girrafe la..
i think u gave it to Intan
apaun. bestla.its cuddly..
makes me think of u