Monday, 1 June 2009


Makan tidak kenyang

Mandi tidak basah

Am i in love....


its that time of year again, the time where i spend most of my waking and sleeping hours cooped up in my schizophrenic looking room. The heat is unbearable, i dont know why...but everytime the word stress creeps into my brain, it will send a 100 volt of heatwave into my room.

im not one of those brainiacs, therefore an extra load of fear for me, my memory is short term, therefore another point for terror to reign me during these dire days. owh, i do wish times were easier, and i wish i was more of a person fonder of studying. but my capabilities of focusing are only, sigh, just a glance~

i bought food for my exam-month ration which put a hole in my pocket. hopefully i dont need to go out much and waste time. owh god, what a life! i feel like a squirrel just before hybernation. i eat, eat ,eat and eat so much until my tummy bulges, then, i read for a few seconds, and later find myself snoring nicely on a bed, lying upside down because i was watching tv.

My exams are next week, and i am indeed not ready yet. what to do!!what to do!! (running in panic circles 8 times around my room). Everyone seems so serious when these critical days come, no one dares to laugh too loud, (takut ilmu keluar), i tiptoe out of my room in case i startle my housemates deep concentration as they bury their heads in their books, if not, they would be hearing me walk out of my room approximately every 5 minutes, open the fridge door, grab some knick-knacks, eat it. and repeat the same cycle again.

Omer the cat is my constant companion when i study, every morning, he would meow constantly until i open the door, its breakfast time, he says, the most important meal of the day. he sometimes come at 7, sometimes at 8, but he always wakes me up in the morning. i let him in, while i take a bath, and then i put his food out and i eat my breakfast too. (he wont eat unless someone watches over him, that spoilt brat). He will then sleep while i study, sometimes he makes faces, as if mocking me that he can sleep, and i must study. sometimes, he deliberately sleeps on my books and cover the thing i am working on. cats~ attention deficit creatures they are!

By lunch, he would go out for his usual dirty day job, and will only come back when called or when he smells dinner cooking. Then after eating dinner, he would probably go somewhere and come to my room later on at night. (hes not here tonight, i wonder why). He would sleep on the floor, performing funny antics while i study. His eyes would open lazily if i make any extra noise, giving me a very annoyed look, and i would have to apologize to him, yes your majesty..cats~ a very arrogant yet lovable when they have a need for you, e.g breakfast, lunch, dinner...

anyway, yes i am in a state of hibernation

usually, i would be writing more during exams

but this time, i dont know why


god help me~~

ok, i really have to go study now....s.t.u.d.y!!!!!!ZZZzzzz

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