Saturday, 13 June 2009

lets rock!!

this is one of those posts thats not interesting

its just made...

~just because~

MOrning!tengahari!i dont know!haha!im just very happy today!weee!chuweyy chuweyy bum bum!!! =) +_+ =O

I dont usually wake up late on weekends, but nowadays, my schedule has rapidly changed since the exams. I woke up around 9 or 10, and with a very hungry stomach, went down to search for food. I usually get depressed if i dont eat breakfast, or dont eat at all. Im one of those girls who LOVE TO sorry people who control what they eat, but chubby is in! (for me, that is). ANyway, couldnt find anyone to try out the new eatery outside, so i decided to make some pre-heat mushroom chicken soup.

BUt chicken soup wont fill my big tummy much, so i was STILL hungry! omg!i am a big -eater.. (btw, next year i want to try to put my name in the makan-cepat-banyak or whatever its called competition!weee).. So, there i was hungry, grumbling, depressed about no food. The whole morning i sat in front of the tv while reading some notes, (exams full next week) (and i kind of skipped my skills lab ,ermm, approximately 3 times)so next week would be full. Supposed to be studying totally today, but im still finding for my momentum, come on, come on!!----Anyway, out of nowhere, suddenly the doorbell rang, ting tong(it really sounds like that) ibu nadya, ibu nadya, tadi ada pesen makanan hahhhh!!!!when did i, erm,did i, no, it wasnt, but how could.....huh!!

Talk about food falling from the sky!seriously!i was just wishing for food, and there it was, food!
sedap pulak tue
SOmetimes, i cant believe my rezeki, thank you God, and i do Love You!I ate like a horse, while Omer sat listlessly beside me, waiting for his share of tidbits. (i dont know why im so enthusiastic today..hehe).

After the delightful lunch, i skipped lightly back to my room, rolled over the carpet and blasted some songs, Which i normally do (sorry for the loud music people, but i do love music!). Grabbed my towel, and took a bath at errr 2 oclock in the afternoon! (secrets out, im not that fond of early baths on a weekend such as this...haha) While in the shower, suddenly, my stereo blasted an old catchy song, by
metro station, shake it
. I dont know why, but it made me want to dance! haha(told you im too happy for words) SO, there i was, in the shower, soap suds were flying around, bubbles were popping in the air, hot shower and there was me dancing while singing to the tunes of this song!

Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake It
Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake It
Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake It
Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake It
Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake It

I saw you dancing and I coudn't get you off my mind
(I could tell that you could tell that I was taking my time
I was thinking of ways that you would stay and be mine
(You're body's shaking, turn me on, so I can turn out the lights


Suddenly this one piece of memory flooded into my mind, during my kiddy-roller blade days. That was the in thing at that time, when everyone showed of their then super-cool wheels. I was with my sister, and my dearest 2 cousins Intan and AFzal, and we were way close back then. IT was in Johor Bahru, where Afzal lived when he was small, and his house was situated in a very hilly area. SO it was super-duper (sorry bout the happy-language!) to skate around in. The afternoon sun was high, and the four of us raced each other, all happy and smilling, kids, no problem in the world.

Suddenly, we chanced upon a really steep hill, the king of the hills. IT was time, we must skate down this hill to prove that we were the best roller blade kids in town! Aha! We were scared, really, but we wanted to do it. Slowly,we marched to the hill, making sure no parent was looking. All 4 of us held our hands tight, we would skate down together... 1--2--3!! AS we skated down fast, I started saying my prayers like 100km per hour under my breath, bismillah, bismillah, bismillah,, we were gaining speed, my hands were sweaty as i held on tight to the chain of me and my kins, when suddenly my cousin said, LETS ROCK!!RELAX MAN!!!and she let go of my hand....



that was the end of that

we crashed!!

to be more accurate, my cousin had loads of cuts and bruises on her knee. while i was happily saying, tu la, lain kali baca la bismillah~...haha..what a memory~


Anyway, everyone says that you cant be too happy, because something bad will happen to you.

I wonder if its true.

But after being very happy today, i realized, there might not be that much time for us to be happy so why not just you know, STAY HAPPY!! (even though theres no reason to be)

I love being happy, who doesnt right...

If i dont be happy always, when would be the next time before i dance in the shower, when would be the next time before, i laugh so hard, tears pour out of my eyes...~

I just love to LAUGH!

I just love to LOVE!

i just love to LIVE!

I just love to ENJOY every single moment that i am ALIVE!

Im not a serious person, and i am SILLY and Embarrass my self a lot!

bUT I DONT care, because there might not be a next time to be HAPPY!


Yeah, we can be worried about something bad happening the moment we get too happy...

But, as the story of my cousins and i go, yeah we fall, yeahh, we suffer from minor cuts and bruises

But as long as God is in our minds, in our hearts...

we just GET UP, dust it off, and..

in the meantime people

LETS ROCK!!!! =) =) =)


Dr Amad said...

owh...owh...are u ok nody?

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

hehe...ok!sihat sejahtera!hehe