Tuesday, 9 June 2009

...and i want to climb your mango tree~

I finally finished my sooca today!yeayy!!i am so happy, a part of me feels so giddy because im too happy for words to describe. I slept at nearly 3 in the morning, and with a very restless sleep, got up at 4.30 after many missed calls from many people, i finally forced myself to get up. just 1 more day, i told myself, i just had to sacrifice my few hours of sleeping for this 1 day.

My heart felt it was about to burst every time i read the notes that i still had to review. Nothing i did could calm my nerves, i was so scared that i shivered and had to wear socks because it felt safe and warm..wuwuwuw...When i just couldnt take it anymore, i decided to call my mommy and daddy, maybe their voice would further soothe me. Mom picked up the phone on the second dial tone, and we talked for a while. Telling her how afraid i was, mother quickly recited some soothing prayers and words as i just sat there on my bed, clutching my mobile to my ear, wells of tears were beginning to form at my lacrimal glands (MUAHAHHAHAHAH!!).

dID I tell you, the meaning of sooca is = SOOsCAry!seriously it is the most frightening type of exam in my entire young adult life, because it is utterly unpredictable and it depends on factors that you can control and cant:

so the uncontrollable factors are:

1. after re-memorizing all the notes, will what we memorize ACTUALLy be remembered on that morning

2. will we be the LUCKY people who get to know which case is coming out from the dozens of cases that we have to learn

3. will we GET the case we really know, memorize and like

4. do we REMEMBER what to write down during the very heart pumping 30 minutes in the quarantine room

5. once you open the door, will it be :
a)door of doom = bad\strict\sadist doctors
b)door of heaven = good doctors\doctors who know or like you\doctors who arent there in the room at all, and you babble to yourself, and when they come in, they just give you an A

what a life~

Alhamdulillah, God was with me today, and i managed to survive my sooca morning. IT felt so good to finally feel free, (although today is only the first exam of more to come)

The only thing i wasnt satisfied was that we had to stay in the &*%^$^ quarantined computer lab, and i was sweating like a $%^* and i was so hungry i could %^&* eat a horse! I was showing to my friends some stuff i liked on the internet, when suddenly a virus infected the computer that i was using,and it couldnt close any windows and just got stuck there with the manifesto left by the virus creator..i was like, thats a big UH-OHHH~(serves them right for containing me in that room!)

Mentally and physically, i was extremely exhausted, the drive back home seemed to trudge on endlessly, and when i finally reached home, i collapsed straight away on the bed. The room left still in its unkempt messy-ness,my bag strewn on the floor, the comfort of bundling oneself underneath the bed covers and the only sound i heard was the pitter-patter of rain drops on the window outside my room....for a moment there, i experienced heaven~

ANyway, i did not want to write this entry, i actually wanted to write about something else, thus the title...but, im so tired and i have to clean up my room...so, i guess ill write it later

**ps: tonight must sleep late so that i can wake up a list of people(S)

**ps: omer the cat just had a bath, and is sleeping on my bed, so i cant change the bed sheets

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