Wednesday, 10 June 2009

palestine revisited...the arabs, the americans and the jews

Good day world..

And how are we on this fine wednesday, (actually it isnt that fine because im totally not in the mood to study for my next paper, so i thought id give my 2 cents of opinion, which i havent done for awhile)


obamas cairo speech, dr mahathir

Dr Mahathirs new entry about palestine and their never ending conflict reminded me that i havent written about it in a long time. the time of the seige a few months ago, all blogs were filled with palestine entries, save palestine notes, jihad and so on. but now, everything has quietened down and we have somehow forgotten our promises, forgotten our opinions, while palestine still remains as it is and nothing has changed.

I do feel guilty, dont you~

It somehow felt like a fashion craze, when everyone is into something, you are brought into the whirlwind and want to do the same thing to. i felt that i was just following the flow, boycotting majorly at that time, checking upon their news all the time, and writing entries about them. but now, i havent written about palestine for so long, and thus, we just place the name at the back of our minds, leading our lives as if nothing has happened...

The united states call themselves a superpower nation, the arrogance they have over their own-self given title. In malay, we could just call people like these as orang yang perasan lebih..

1.I have a great despise for people who think too highly of themselves, for me its like,beautiful people who just dont seem pretty anymore the minute they KNOW they are.

2.Its like when we do something wrong, we never notice it, but when someone else just somewhat as glitch, we quickly jump in say that they are wrong, thats what the superpower have led them to believe.

3. and the amazing thing is, the whold world, the west, the arabs, the asians, nod at this just because we are afraid. or we are just weaklings who bow to big bullies~

4. i used to bow down at bullies, keep quiet when someone criticizes me, may they be taller, bigger people, or just smarter or prettier.... but now, if anyone ever just as tries to bully me, i just put up a brave front, and i talk back! yeahh...sometimes in life, we dont mean to be mean, its just standing up for ourselves with AN ATTITUDE!


I just wish the muslim countries are like that instead of cowering away, satisfied in the richness from their oil produce. i feel so ashamed to see their attitude sometimes, because instead of uniting as one, they fight amongst themselves. The rich bully the poor, being puppets for a country that just wants their richness. ANd they can bow down to them...are they blind, are they afraid....or are they just plain dumb!

In Islam, we are taught about unity, about helping the ones who are weaker, and stand up for our own religion, our own people. But i dont see that in the muslim countries. As a malaysian, there are many things i can do, to help out with the palestinian struggle, and i know im not doing much. That really feels bad enough. But what about the neighbouring countries, right next to palestine, how can they even close their eyes at night when their own blood is being slaughtered like cows day in and day out. i cant~

Not only do they not do anything, but their feud amongst themselves since the birth of their history until now is still unsettled. The rival tribes still have not found an agreement amongst themselves, any different opinions in religion is counted as blasphemy and they make enemies out of their own thoughts and words. what kind of muslims are they....when the birth of Islam was at the heart of an arab state, nowadays, muslims around the world are more of a muslim than they are..


Im sorry, but i do feel very emotional when i think about this. Because as i said, i HATE people who think they are always right. I get fed up with people like this, because the only thing that could make their foggy brains realize it if someone puts a bullet to it. ( how emo i get about this..huhu)
Why is America so afraid of the, let me rephrase that. i think majority of the americans are mostly jews, so they feel a strong need to support their brothers in arms with their zionist beliefs.
America was built on the fundamental belief of freedom for all, the first few americans who settled on the supposedly great new land, were very much stout christians mind you. NOwadays, christians and jews in the west cant be differentiated, its like christianity has somehow assimilated with the jewish community, and loe behold the day, as they bow down to their jewish counterparts, can christians in the united states or other superpower countries one day be extinct and finally be replaced without anyone ever noticing it.



hitler is evil

hitler is a psycopath

and hitler.....killed the jews~

In my opinion, why all the talk about the evilness of this one man, is it just because the jews were repressed at the time. Yes, they suffered a war at the hands of , yes they were executed and kept in war camps, and thousands of them died during those days..

But has anyone actually counted the death toll and destruction that the jews have caused to the Muslim world...NO

Does the world or media record the violent killings that they do without regret to our brothers and sisters...NO

But just because ONE Man KILLED the jewish community, he was labelled a mad man...

But when the WHOLE jewish community kills millions of Muslims...they are not doing anything wrong, they just need a new home..

(did you ever think, myabe hitler was doing something right after all....)

**it is an unfair world that we live in

**and injustice towards the innocent will always go on

**but that doesnt mean we can just sit down, watch and wait

**its a calling for us to do something about it~


kamen said...

really like this entry. you are right that most of us maybe are just following the trend. we do tend to forget bout this sometimes but dont hate yourself for it. as long as you dont forget to pray for our brothers and sisters in palstine that's what they really want from us.

also read the obama speech and the first thing i notice is that in the first sentence, 'the black president' lol maybe its just me but it sounded a bit racist. haha. never was said to Bush as the white president.

owh and the arabs.... (a big sigh~)

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

true...just because he is the first black president, they had to label him as a black..i mean, wheres the no difference in the about liberalism....these orang putehs, sometimes they dont know what they are saying....