Wednesday, 3 June 2009

7 things i wish would drop out of the sky and land on my lap


i have a bad stomachache and im sure its going to get worst.
my exams are next monday and the hours are passing by extremely fast...i wonder can God change the total sense of time but still maintain the exact hours for us human beings, as it flies so fast, i wish i could just grasp it in my hands....but still, time passes at the grips of my fingers, while i am still gaping open mouthed at the amount of things i havent studied yet.

i have tons of reasons to study hard this time, and i really pray that i would. for if i do, i have decided that this year i would like to reward myself if i work hard. yippeee! but hard work is not enough, i still have to save tons of money to get the stuff that i want...

NADYAS WISH LIST for the year 2009
(but must save money to buy before even wishing for it)

1. check out the new n97, i think i want!!

2. ask someone to buy me the new sony cybershot,but i think at last, i would have to buy it myself,*sigh*..but it would take such a long time to save money..haihh~

3. get a back pack for travelling

4. get a travelling wallet (the one that i can put passport and tickets in)

5. get new luggage (as my sister once said, for a family who travels a lot, we do not have the right luggage at all)

6. buy mom a watch, hmmm, i think im going to jakarta to buy that...what do you think...anyway,hope i can save enough money for that too.

7. get a pair of really comfortable loafers and athletic shoes, its been awhile since i last bought mine

Well, i cant remember much from my loooong list, but these are top priority that i have to save money for...argh...and the list goes on~..i wish i was an(a) heiress !

anyway, as for rewarding myself, i have planned some vacations after exams..hopefully everything will go as planned..pretty please~


fatin comel said...

N..after u dpt phone baru,wasiatkn hp u tu kat i yee? haahaha..i mcm da start rase stress..but u knoe wut..mama dewi ckp,dun think bout da coming makes u feel worst! pkir psl wut u gonna do after exam..ok?hahaha...jom2~ kite bergembireeee after exam! n u TIDAK dibenarkn utk meninggalkn i walaupon sesaat nnti bile disana!! mngeedik TIDAK dibenarkn.TQ..ahahaa..
*i merepek*

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

haha....haritu i baru je fikir wana give my sister...and then i suddenly thought, if i gave it to my sis, then nak cari duit bli hp baru tu celah cant even give it to u...muahahahha....

yeahhh~~~the only thing thats keeping me going now is the fact that wer going on a holiday after exams!!!wuuhuuu!!!!

tidak dibenarkan meninggalkan u...hamboii2..habis tu, bf i nak letak kat mana...heehehehhe *lol*