Sunday, 26 April 2009


I woke up today with a sad heart..

Today was going to be the day that i gave away my hamsters back to the person who sold it to me, at the sunday market.

If you had read my blog before, you would have known that i keep 2 hamsters. Mojo and Jojo. Sadly, Mojo died a tragic and cruel death. He was eaten whole by a cat right outside my door while i was sleeping soundly.

A week after that tragic incident, i bought another hamster to keep Jojo company. I wanted to name it Mojo again, but a friend said that we had to remember the dead~ so i named it Michi instead. Michi was so gentle at first, as it was only a baby. But after much persuasion by Jojo, it got fierce and both of them always bite me when i try to pet them.

I walked to the sunday market, and commented to my friend on how empty it was. Then i realised! THere was no sunday market. I asked around, and to my dismay, the market was placed at a futher place today, and i was late to watch the last of the malaysian games today.

With the small box containing the 2 very sad hamsters, i walked to the site where the games had begun. It was a very hot day, and i shaded them as much as possible. Many of my friends loved the hamsters, and played with them. Although some bullied them and they did fall down a lot =(

I was going to bring them back, as i couldnt find the man who sold them to me. When suddenly, a friend who was looking at the box approached me. He played with them for a while, silently watching the 2 rolling over each other in the heat. With a small smile, he asked if he could take them home with him.

I was overjoyed. They finally had a new home. I pray that my friend can take care of them much better than i did.


** i find my room very quite and lonely without the sound of the screeching wheel that they play in everyday

** i miss them so much.....but i think it was for the best

** i hope my friend loves them as much as i did

** remind me to give all the stuff to him later

** thank you to that friend for his willingness to take care of those furry creatures...i miss them so =(


Menggapai Edensor said...

Salam ziarah nadya..jgn bersedih sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa bersama hamba-hambaNya..u had try the best for em..u will get the better one.
Salam perkenalan. :)

syahme said...

why giving them away nadya?i understand how u feel. that must be sad!

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

to the blog owner of menggapai edensor..

hello~salam perkenalan too from me =) ill try my best not to be sad a about the lost of my 2 hamsters...but im actually thinking of having a kitten!hehe...

iv read ur blog and i do find it very interesting...and ur from twp right...and u guys r going bek already right~~~wuwuwuw...take me bek wif u!hehe

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

to syahme...

haihh~~too many reasons to of the reasons is the cat in the house likes to watch them play and when im not looking, he would innocently try to catch them through the my hamsters were kind of traumatized =(

and i am thinking of getting a cute as ur cat in swk!hehehe

Anonymous said...

insya Allah..
ble2 le melawat =)

syahme said...

really?u think my cats are cutee??awww.. thank u!