Monday, 13 April 2009

life update

hey there...

i had a 4 day holiday...and what did i do with it!! i burned myself in the scorching sun, i forced my muscles until they were overworked, and the rest is history~


1. I entered chess again this year. At first i did not want to. (did i tell you i am afraid of doing things i might be good at because i would hate myself if i did not win).Anyway, last year, i came in 4th place when i was up against this junior. Argh! I had not played for 4 years, i guess thats got to do with the 4th placing right..haha*nervous laugh*..She killed my queen early in the game, and without my queen, i was a hopeless wreck! i could not focus, and thus lost with that junior smiling.wuhuu!

This year, the game began at 7 in the morning. Who in the right mind plays chess at 7 in the morning pray tell! I wasnt feeling well, and i woke up quite late, people were calling me and telling me to hurry, there was this person who shouted to people about how he was going to disqualify me and all (like hellooo, it was not like i woke up late on purpose)I arrived flustered as usual, and sat down to practice with a friend. (am i a nerd to love chess)huhu..

A good hour later, someone called me to start playing. Guess what!! I was up against my arch enemy (in chess), that same junior who defeated me last year. My mouth went dry fast, my knees quivered and i lost any 20% confidence i might have had before. The time started, and i forced myself to sit and play. This time, i calmed my nerves, focused and moved the pieces slowly. At about the 5th minute, I KILLED HER QUEEN!!owh, how sweet revenge tastes like, sweet..sweet! At the 8th minute, i won the game, alhamdulillah.

The next game was another miracle,as she killed my queen (usually i would have given up), but this time, i played hard, and i won! I was in the finals,against the same person who got 1st last year. I played, I lost, but i loved every minute of it. I found out that i still had my chess skills (no matter if it had no strategy at all), but i guess God was with me that day and helped me throughout the brain squishing ordeal. This year, i got 2nd, next year, who knows..lets pray for the best!


2. Last week, i went for the olymphiart try out with some indonesian friends.I just finished a meeting, i did not warm up, and i ran both sprint and long distance. I wanted to go for the 100m run, which is not that tiring. I could, but i just didnt. (please remind me not to give in to other people easily at times). So, eventually,i ran again for the long distance run. Since all the other places were taken, they decided to put me in for that, which i dislike because it hurts to run. huhu..
The next few days after that, i think my muscle was reduced to tart. I had given all my evergy during the tryout without thinking of the consequence that in the next few days, there will be a marathon.

The morning before the marathon, i played netball(which i will shamefully tell later). My muscles still had not healed and i was going to force it to work by hook or by crook. 1 hour after the game, after a very instantaneous rest, the marathon began. During my 1st year, i had entered the marathon and came in 2nd. This year, there were more people who entered,and i had an aim(shh...secret). But i knew i couldnt perform well because i was too tired. There were 4 checkpoints to past, and i was leading until the 3rd checkpoint. Suddenly, the route ahead was a different one instead of the usual route, and it was uphill.At that exact moment, i suddenly coudnt breathe, i was HYPERVENTILATING!! I had never before, usually i would slow down because my legs hurt or my tummy ached, but this! i had never experienced this before! I seriously was gasping for air, i couldnt run anymore. Even as i walked, i was afraid i would faint at any moment. I saw a friend on a bike, and asked him for help, he thought i was joking and laughed at me and told me to keep running. Apa lagi, saya give up lah~ SO, i walked all the way until the finish line, and dropped dead..ahaha..Anyway, the friend whom i saw along the way came to me and said sorry so many times because he thought i was really joking. I finished 6th place this year, i nearly fainted for air, but hey, mom told me there are times we loose, there are times we win, thats life! =)


3. Netball, oh netball. DO you know how many times i have ever played netball in my life. Nil, zero, kosong~~ahahaha...I decided to join some seniors in a netball competition, just for the experience anyway. I love basketball, i hate netball and i never practiced for the competition. I had played once before, and i know i TOTALLY SUCK AT IT. But, hey, i love sports, and it seemed like a good idea, at first. I played like an extreme idiot (ye kwn2,saya tahu)haha...My friends all said i played like a champion comel girl, translate = lawak giler nadya main, hahahahaha...etc2~~. But they did say they loved the spirit that i never gave up trying, eventhough i was making a fool out of myself...haha...

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