Monday, 20 April 2009

Im cured of my homesickness!!yippee!!

Im back in action!!

HAha....I guess i was really homesick after all

I was in dire need of a break, and i got it just in time before a major breakdown.

My flight was at 6 in the morning on a very cold and tiring thursday. I woke up at 3 am, and tip toed my way across the hall of the house as i went out. It was too early to wake anyone, so i quietly said a hushed goodbye, and waited outside for my friend to come and send me of to the airport. (im so sorry dear friend for the 4 am wake up call, i really owe you one)~~

I was a bit sad when i arrived in malaysia,it was 9 am, mom and dad had to go off to the Pakistani embassy so they could not see me until 2 in the afternoon. My aunt picked me up, and although it was great to see her, i cringed at the prospect of having to wait for so long until i met my parents. WHile i was daydreaming in the car, suddenly the phone rang, guess what!! mom and dad had to cancel their trip to the embassy as Pakistan was having a public holiday and the embassy was closed. Suddenly pakistan was one of my favourite countries on the planet!wuhuu! I got to see mom and dad!!

Well, what can i say, it was really good to be home. Technically, i dont actually know where our real home is, the houses in kajang before this were mostly rented, dad bought this apartment just to rent out, but we now use it as a half way house, oh dear. Anyway, during short visits back home, we stay in kajang, long visits would be in perak, or cameron sometimes. huhu...I do wish dad sold all the other houses and settled down on a nice house by the sea, i wish, i wish~ sigh~ At night, my other aunt and uncle came and we ate satay kajang...(clap3!!)..Theres this place that has the best satay in town, but theres no ambience, so, not many people know about it. Anyway, me loike satay!

The next morning, i persisted that we eat at the nearest mamak at home. I had set my heart to cure my homesickness also by filling my tummy with the best my tastebuds could find! I ate nasi kandar on my first morning!woahhh~~~sedapnyaa~~~( i feel as if i had not gone home for so long, but mom said i just came back 3 months ago...omg, i really have chronic homesickness). We wandered around kajang town for awhile, dad bought a new sony cybershot (im drop dead jealous!!argh!please buy me one...please!)I surveyed the latest from sony, 12.1mp~~i want!!~~~

Kakak came that afternoon from johor, afternoons are nice in malaysia, because someone would eventually go out and buy some kueh and we would eat it with sweet hot tea while gossiping at the dinner table. This time, there was no hot tea because it was an extremely hot day (malaysia panas gilerrr~~), we settled down with some cooling cans of yeos..hohoho

The day passed too fast, and it was time to send mom and dad for umrah on a sunny saturday morning. I felt glad that i went home, i got to spend a really short but quality time with my loved ones. If only abang was here, it would be utterly perfect. We waited until it was time to see them go, we hugged like a 100 times, and moms eyes were glassy (i think).


**I never regretted setting my heart to buy the ticket back home even for a minute.

**I learnt that we have to make decisions, im big enough, and i should listen to what other people think, but dont let that be something to waver any decision i have made.

**I feel happier now...and hope i would have more happy thoughts! *_*...yippee!!

**I miss mom and dad still, but i feel safer in my heart knowing i love them every second even more *_* aaawww~~~

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