Friday, 5 February 2010


gOOD Morning, blessed Day...

i do call it a ver blessed day today as i had slept 13 hours last night (woah!!).. tiredness from the thesis making perhaps? i should really be hitting myself for not blogging a lot...seriously...i keep making empty promises. that is one thing i would like to change about myself, somtimes, i promise myself that i would like to become someone great, but how can you become someone great when you dont put 100% focus in what you do. focus is very important, and it is the first part of self loving..

The other day when i went back, i found tis old game of tetris that mom likes to play, call me old-fashioned, but i love the game. do you remember it? it was born before game-boy, before play station ever existed...there was the game of brick-o-bracks...a mind game of shelving bricks and stacking them before the next level. Me and mommy had daily championships to see who could win, an when we played it, we forgot about everything else.

We would not listen to what other people were saying, we forgot about the boiling hot soup n the kitchen, and we would be oblivious to our surroundings. our brain was focused on one sole thing---to stack a brick!! At the end of the day, me and mom would laugh it off, and mom would say, if you really focus on something, then you are sure to succeed in it, true story...

To prove the fact, i would like to tell you about this thin, tall guy i used to know in high school. He had a british accent as his grandmother was o,ye queen of england (nay)..but was incidentally british. Anyway, he was on the debate team as i, and as my senior, i really looked up to him. He was smart, really good in religion, good in english (alas,not athletic).. but what i admired about him, was that he could balance his life so well. He told me, in whatever he did, he gave his 100% focus. When he studied, only his studies were on his mind. When he was debating, only debate was on his mind..And thats how he succeeded. I keep to his words until today, but theoretically...forgive my weakness...i have yet to practise them.

**People who succeed are the people who know how to compartmentalize their brain. Studies, business, leisure are all different rooms with different keys to unlock them. When you unlock them, you can spend as much time as you want in the room, but when it is time to go out, you keep it under lock and key so as not to interfere with your other rooms.

**People who lead awesome lives, are born the same way as you and me is just that they found the right way to live it...maybe you and i haven't..

**So it is time,that we do something about it, i do not want to sit on my back, be a potato couch.

So, can we do it? takes only one thing


PS: my blog is working again, notice the colour fonts?? baru semangat nak blog okkk!!!


||Aku Pemikir|| said...


nampak gaya dah start blogging yekk!!

well, mmg btul tuh, bila kte nak berjaya fokus sgt-sgt la penting!!!

tak fokus apa yang kita nak buat masa tuh menyebabkan kerja jadik buruk dan cacat!! hehee

jadi i agree wit u even kita ada byk interest and t/jwb must know how to compartmentalize (betul ke aku eja nih?) it!!

if u can do like dat, then dun worry, u r now a succesful person.. :)

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...


successful and competitive?? because my dear friend is blogging a lot, so i have to keep up with the times..right???

||Aku Pemikir|| said...

owh yeahhh!!!

come!! come!!