Sunday, 14 February 2010

congratulations: today is your unlucky day

I dont understand. I completely dont understand. One moment, my internet and laptop is fine, and the other moment, it just horrendously changes into this monster which is not user friendly anymore. My blog is back to its trouble making, and i cant seem to change fonts anymore. My facebook is so weird, i dont feel like opening it. at this point, may i say life sucks for me. thank you. do have pity on my dear soul.

There is this negative vibe today, and i have been trying to get rid of it. It might be because of my slight fever, or its just what i am feeling today. Anyway, i woke up at 6 this morning, went for a jog for 3 hours (woohoo!!), tried out a new porridge stall (yucky) and watched 6 episodes of vampire diaries. I think the jogging helped to tune down my fever, its only partially there, but my negative energy is still surrounding me just as yet. What do you do when you think that something is bothering your mind and thoughts, but you just cant seem to know what it is. *sigh*

Owh, did i mention to you i was really out of luck today. I played pool for over an hour,and i sucked big time. I dropped my wallet, apologized and spilled drink all over the shopping mall floor, and apologized some more. It is just not my day. My car is having car troubles, my room is a mess, and my brain is malfunctioning. I cant even write properly on my blog. Argh.

feeling helpless.

ps: made my own soya bean drink yesterday.


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||Aku Pemikir|| said...


tido lelame pastu bgn balik, compem function blk kepala otak tuh.. :)

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