Sunday, 21 February 2010

my name is khan...and i am not a terrorist

Waktu itu, yang hanya ada di fikiranku,
Aku ga sempat untuk bicara sama kamu..

I was driving, my mind was perturbed by lots of things today. We had our benchmarking exam this morning, I hoped I answered everything carefully. Although, it is hard to concentrate when you dont really want to. I answered as fast as i could, 200 questions just moulded into each other, not knowing which is wrong and right. I shut my eyes, flipped the pages shut and made my way down the stairs. I wore white today, the colour of faith, contrasting the little amount of faith i have left in myself. I grabbed my gray bag, the one i have been using for days out of no time to change. And i walked, looking down, "im not ready to face you yet world". I thought.

I was driving, my mind was perturbed by lots of things today. I arrived home at approximately 10.15, made myself some hot cocoa (much needed) and just stared at the ceiling. (something i have been doing a lot lately). At last, i decided, "i think i need to go out today, get some air". I asked a few friends out, maybe to catch a movie, i said. Not knowing what lay ahead today~ EMBRACE

I was driving, my mind was perturbed by lots of things today. Suddenly, a 16-wheeler lorry swerved to my lane. I heard my friend gasp, maybe she could not scream anymore. The wheels were an inch from my tyres. I could not think of anything else, all i thought was that i never got the chance to speak to you today. I shut my eyes for a split moment. My friend was still screaming that gasp, my heart was racing, you can almost feel the arteries protrude from underneath the flimsy cloth. My side of the car was a smokes inch from hitting the highway divider, the passengers side was now a centimeter from being crushed into a million pieces. I opened my eyes, my legs charged on the brakes as hard as they could, and the car came to an abrupt halt, our lives were dangling on a thin line, waiting to be taken away.

But God has other plans for me, doesnt He? The megastructure-of-a vehicle swung back to his lane after realizing that he almost crushed us and i was left with trembling fingers, clutched tightly on the wheels. My thumping heart slowed its staccato, and i escaped again the rhythm of death, for today at least. Thank You for giving me another chance to live~

Jangan bersedih~

I arrived with an empty stomach, only partaking on honey and yoghurt this morning. We decided to do some house hunting today, InsyaAllah, in July or so, we would be able to pack our things and move to Bandung. We pertained the help of a senior, of which i am so grateful to have received, and we drove around searching for some place that could finally be called our future home. The world is small is it not? We were introduced to this man, who incidentally, was the eldest brother of one of my doctors in Jatinangor, who, incidentally teaches our batch this year. We sat there, as he told us humorous stories, and fed us full with rambutans from his backyard. We got all the information we needed and went on our search for house hunting. I like to call it REJEKI, as we did find a house which was almost, just almost perfect. We would just have to wait and see if everything works out. InsyaAllah~

After the long search, my grumbling stomach could not take it anymore, and we headed to McDonalds for a late lunch. I probably gobbled up my lunch in 20 seconds, seriously. I even finished all the french fries, which i have never done before. Our plan was to catch a movie at 3.45, alas, it was not meant to be. We arrived late, and the only movie next was at 6.45 pm. So, we waited, we had to, everyone was saying this was a good movie!

I know everyone else has watched it, but to those who have not, i think you should really see it. I thought it was some soppy hindhi movie, but evidently, it is not at all. I liked it. I think you can trust my judgement on a movie ey? Its a story about the things that divide us, unite us and combine us. There are only two types of people in this world, those who are good and do good things, and those who are evil, and do evil things. You decide who you want to be~
I enjoyed the movie immensely, and after 3 hours of it, (although it is a sad movie, i felt much better)

Teman aku pernah bilang kepada aku,
"Pada waktu kita sedih kerna sesuatu, ada sejuta sesuatu yang bsa membuat kita senyum kembali"

Guess who i met today? Yes, i met him! Afghan..!

Well, accidentally of course, and for free! And I was there just in time to hear him sing, his voice sounds exactly the same live. We were standing quite near the stage too! Anyway, he made me smile today. I told you, there are a million things that can make us happy, just wait for it.
Well, i know i am writing nonsense nowadays, but atleast i am starting to write again right? Anyway, i have my tae kwan do grading tomorrow, and i have to wake up early. I should probably get some sleep right about now.

Good night~

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