Friday, 19 February 2010

something personal

"I did not feel well today, i think.

I woke up, and i did not want to think.

It would be so nice if i could stop thinking.

Thinking about things i should not be thinking about."

That was what i felt like when i woke up today, my head was throbbing from a late night staring at the ceiling, awake, feeling numb. My eyes felt like someone poured acid into them, dried from too much tears. i Hate This. I just want my normal life back. Define normal, pray tell.
I did not go to class today, even though it was an important one. Sometimes, you need a day to feel free, i have done this before, people say i like to run away from facing my problems. Maybe they dont understand that i need to get away to clear my mind. I know, i do run away. But when i come back, i hope to come back with strength to face my life which at this point can be considered nearing ground zero.

The doctor diagnosed me as V V V hypotension. I diagnose mysef as emotional hypotension. My blood pressure was too low, explaining the throbbing headache. I went back, stared at the ceiling and I feel numb again.

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