Tuesday, 24 March 2009

pinky tuesday

Dear diary, 24.03.09

i woke up late today (6.45) because i hate classes at 7 am in the morning.

Took a very quick bath, (water was extremely cold and uninviting), at exactly 7 am, i was done and dressed!quick right! and you thought i took hours for my bath...!

Eventhough i woke up late, (usually i wake up at 7 anyway), i was determined to put on some make up today because i felt like it and for the purpose of a post that i hope to write later on tonight.

Went to class with D, the others had already gone...

It was an extremely hot day today.

Arrived flustered at around 7.20 am in campus, rushed to class and found out as usual the lecturer did not come today.

Saw HARVARD HOTTIE along the way, but i dont think he took any notice of me. *_*

Finished my learning issue during class (yippee!!), had a blast laughing with friends since lecturer was not there. *happy tuesday*

Finished lectures at 10 am -->went to plaza to help Biro Dana KUBI sell during expo for BAIK(biro agama islam kubi). Mencapab-ed at the stall, sold food while being the public advertisement because people saw me eating the food from the stall. (i ate a bit too much)

Went to a booth where i could win something if i kicked the ball and hit the bottles on the floor. knocked half of the bottles, sent my shoe flying high up the sky, was laughed at by everyone.(I DO TEND TO MAKE A FOOL OF MYSELF)

**oh yeah, i would like to congratulate RADZI for an amazing bulan kesenian islam. this year went really well, and the expo today was a blast! --> (kena blanja makan coz 1.pernah bg duit 20k yg lama tu, 2. pinjam kreta td) muahahahha!

During break, went back home, ate nasi lemak by I and biro pendidikan people which tasted really good and was cheap! loved it! Knocked on S door while she was sleeping and borrowed her wall-e cd.

**i cant go to sleep unless i watch a dvd half-way. Yesterday night, i watched angus, thongs and perfect snogging. it was quite nice, kind of gurly, but who cares. its a british flick by the same director of bend it like beckham.

Went back to class, (late again), sat down for erm 30 minutes*#$%X, and class was finished.

Walked back because someone borrowed my car, stopped at a new saloon to try out their hair treatment. (ahaha) and then walked back alone.

Arrived at home, took an evening bath and switched on the tv.

Above, from left

1. polka-dot ribbon bag
2. new pink polka-dot scrunchy that i bought 2 weeks ago
3. small pink earrings bought cheap yesterday
4.I chose a suttle rosy pink colour today, (i dont usually like to wear make up because it makes me look older, i only use make up for certain occasions, unlike today though). Blended 2 colours for a nice sweet blush, finished it of with a different shade of pink for the eyes which i havent used for ages.
5. bought these really cool blue starfish for my toilet, thought id show it to you, love the colour!

**was very happy today
**belum makan ayam sake lagi =(
**jojo bit me again
**room is very messy



Anonymous said...

ala ciannye die.....huhu...

huhu,sori,terpaksa jalan kaki plak..huhu. dah terpikir dah tadi,"ni pinjam kete die ni die balik naik ape ni?"

pastu sedap kan hati "die balik ngan kwn2 sukawening kot". sekali jalan kaki sorg2 plak,ni yg rs besalah ni. huhu,sori333......huhu.

hmm,timekasih ye? insyaAllah dapat share pahala nnt. amiiin. hehe.

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...


td mmg jln dgn deorng skjap, lepas tu ntah mcm mana terpisah, tp mmg nk pg tmpat lain pun...
kwn2 sukawening plak ckp noddy balik dgn lelaki lain..hahahha...bleh plak!

esok nak pinjam mowtor radzi la!hehehehe =P

Anonymous said...

kaki sampai???? lalala~ kiki.=p

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

hamboi333!!!.....ada la org tu kan.....
dia kan.....
hari bdk2 utp dtg kan....
tiba2 je tukar style rambut baru!!

dr.radzi said...

ele jeles.....haha