Monday, 16 March 2009

ketika musim exam melanda

u know im having my exams IF....

1. my room is messy, it means im studying--> it was messy a few minutes ago

2. i write an entry in my blog at 1 am pacific time --> when i should be studying

3. the best thing to eat is suddenly biskut marie cicah KOPI

4. i keep checking my facebook even though i know nothing changed --> coz i feel bored

5. the tv has not been switched on for more than 24 hours

6. i spontaneously combust at certain times per day out of jitteryness --> coz less den 24 hours theres an exam

7. i have credit, when i hadnt topped up for more than a week --> to call mom tomorrow morning

8. small notes appear on the table, big notes posted on the wall --> none yet posted in brain

9. i eat a lot --> i mean A LOT!!

10. i keep opening the fridge, eventhough i know nothings in it --> to let mr stomach see that i REALLY dont have anything to feed him

11. my lights are open the whole night --> even hours after my eyes are closed

1 comment:

StaindLee said... of luck for your exam!!

my table always messy too but doesn't mean i always study.. hehe..