Thursday, 19 March 2009

and the holidays have started and is 3 days to its end~

Hello fellow readers of my extremely unworthy blog!

i havent been writing as you all may have noticed

my fellow blogger mate cum ex-tutorial mate named ahmad fahmi said that the next time i opened my blog, dah banyak habuk berkumpul....ahaa

well, ill try my best to update this blog, but i have been busy with exams and all...but the most important thing, was, i did not have enough money to pay my horridly expensive internet fees!

if you have been following my blog, you would have read about the posts before this about how im trying to deal with my economy crisis...i dont think that i have improved much from the first i started aspiring to save money...

yesterday, i went out with a couple of was the first time i went out with less than 150, 000 rupiah = rm60 in my bandung, eventhough its indonesia, + because im a girl, that is NOT i found out too late...

it was supposed to be a shopping + bowling day out, but unfortunately i had to cut down the big S! i did not even shop anything !! OMG!and yet, the 150k disappeared down the drain without any further notice...

nadya only spent on :

1. car rent = 27k
2. lunch = 30k
3. bowling = 23k
4. dinner = 40k

i found out what it felt like to be really poor for once, and it felt extremely disheartening. there was this sad part, when all my friends went to breadtalk to buy bread, i looked inside my wallet and i found out, i did not even have enough money to buy that time, i felt tears crowding my eyes, owh god!

it was around 9 pm, and it was chilly outside...but rather than see people buy things i couldnt, i stayed outside of the shopping mall and huddled in a corner by the stairs...that was the worst feeling ever! now i know what its like to go out with people when you cant afford things everyone else can...i felt bad for all the times when i may have smirked at people who did not have even a small amount of money to buy something simple.....God has his special ways of opening our eyes, i guess it was just his way of opening mine....

and then, at 10 pm sharp, when everyone else was tired, i slowly dialled +6012 886 1352.....

`hello, hello`

`hello mommy..i miss you~`

hello baby, how are you, are you ok`

`mommy, emm...emmm...i need some financial help`

laa...kenapa xcakap awal2, duit indonesia kan murah je`



duchess11 is DiBaH said...

kak noddy nih comel2 je..

anyway,despite the sad condition itu,sy rase kak noddy still rase hepi dpt men bowling bsame rakan2...huhuu=))

p.s: slamat bcuti jiran dpan rumah sumer!!

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

cuti dh nk habis!!noooooooooooooo!!!