Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Men are from MARS, women are from VENUS,so where are lesbians and gays are from

do men really dont like women who wear make up*_*

I was gulping down some food in front of the tv when Sn came into the house looking flustered. She said to me `N,do i look different today`, in between mouthfuls of pecel ayam, I managed to answer her question. `yeahh, you do look prettier today, maybe its because you are wearing makeup...`aahhaa!`, she said.. `my boyfriend said whats that weird thing you put on your face`(meaning the makeup)...why do boys dont like girls who wear make up! she groaned....

That gave me an idea to write this post, which was due yesterday..I did an experiment the next day after that incident and wore make up to class (remember my last post). Do men really dont like women who wear make up. and if so, why is that(big question mark). Women spend 100s to buy make up just to add a little cherry pink blush to their cheeks, to make their eyes look bigger and absolutely eye-catching with the newest shade of glittering eye-shadow. But, as it turns out, its not what the world is asking for. And it turns out, you dont need to pay loads of money for all that make up, it wont be of any use for now, natural is the new way to go!

Relationships and friendships*o*

Men are an utterly confusing species. I just dont understand what is going on in a guys mind, its really hard to comprehend. Speaking from a few personal experiences, and also from a few friends, i have totally given up on understanding men language when it comes to relationships and friendships.

Heres an interesting specimen. ..There was this one guy i knew, whom i totally dislike now because he thought really highly of himself. **sorry, identity is a secret, but ill name him E. We started out as friends, and i meant to keep it that way. I dont know what i did, or what actions that may have caused him to think i adoreed him, but yupp, he did. (that is like so gross). (sometimes i hope he reads this post so that i can finally say it straight to his face that only loosers think like that) --~you go gurl!hehe

And i find it hard sometimes, when a guy you dont know well messages you for fun. What exactly are we supposed to do.

a) just ignore the message, and may be termed as `sombong`

b) reply the message, but make it short and curt

c) take some time to think and reply the message (if you like the guy), and maybe he would think your sooo into him (like the guy up there) or maybe youll get lucky and hell just think your being nice and friendly.

haihh....the world is confusing enough with the separate sex not being able to understand them

i wish every girl was born with a guide to what men really think.

  • Men are like ... Horoscopes
They always tell you what to do, and are usually wrong

  • Men are like ... Weather
Nothing can be done to change them

I definitely find the opposite sex a very hard species to understand.

1.Sometimes they say one thing but mean another.

2.Sometimes they dont say anything at all, and we women get restless because they dont say anything.

3. Sometimes they say something, then we think about it again and again, wondering if we said something wrong, and when we ask them, they will say `YOU JUST THINK TOO MUCH`

4. Most men hate to shop. That's why the men's department is usually on the first floor of a department store, two inches from the door.

5. When four or more men get together, they talk about sports.

6. When four or more women get together, they talk about men

Alright, enough of my rambling on guys... (see, if i ramble too much on guys, some might think im a boy-holic or worse, they think im toooo into them!) =P

As usual, whatever we think, in the end, we do have a guide in life. It is certainly our choice whether or not we want to follow it.


"Among His signs is (the fact) that He has created spouses for you from among yourselves so that you may console yourselves with them. He has planted love and mercy between you; in that are signs for people who reflect" (30:21)

** i took this surah for the entry on relationships and friendships. yes, men are confusing. and so are women. But thats the whole point of it.
Some people ask me why i dont have a boyfriend yet, *cringe*, its not that i dont want or theres no one. the answer to this is very simple.
InsyaAllah, i have a long life ahead of me. We should take time in choosing the right person we would spend our life with. A friend once said to me, `yang lebih penting adalah kasih sayang dariNya`. I still remember her words, and i repeatedly LOVE to say this to her if she ever gets lonely when theres no guy around for her to message.hehe

everyone is entitled to their own opinions. i personally have mixed feelings on this matter. I have a few friends who believe that love comes after marriage. and i do have a few friends who say that theres no harm in having someone special as long as you dont do any harm. needless to say, i think we are big enough to think for ourselves. Just remember, Allah has given us a guide in life, choose wisely my dear friends.

**sayyy...this sounds like a reaally good thing to write on!

on make up

As far as Islamic Shari`ah is concerned, a Muslim woman is allowed to wear makeup in a moderate way in the presence of her husband, mahrams (Arabic for: relatives to whom a woman cannot marry) or women-only gatherings. A woman should be keen not to be excessive in wearing makeup or spending too much money on it.

**Hmm...i cant think of something clever to say here yet. Just want to add, for those who love to wear make up, maybe you shouldnt go for too heavy make up and go for a much natural look. Sometimes if we wear make up every day, its hard for people to notice that you look prettier on special occasions. Besides, too much make up can destroy the beauty of your skin. Everything God has made is perfectly beautiful in its own way. We women are vey beautiful creatures, and theres nothing more beautiful than what He has created.

***i would like to thank FATIN today because she told me that people without blogs could not comment on my wonder! huhu! luv u gurl, ure a life saver!

***this post is for the benefit of myself and whoever wants to listen to my constant ramblings.

***the purpose of me writing with some islamic teachings is that we all improve for the betterment, not because of the community, not to show of how alim we are...just simply in search for His LOVE! =)


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