Saturday, 28 November 2009

praying under the clear blue sky

I woke up yesterday morning with a start as my housemate banged her room door, rushing on the way out so as not to miss prayers for raya. I sprang out of bed with such speed, that i nearly ran over my cat Bubu who usually accompanies me to the bathroom and waits outside as i shower. Grabbed anything i saw in my wardrobe and called to my other friends who were to go with me for the prayers that morning. This is our first Raya Haji that we Malaysians prayed together instead of at our own respective areas, so i was quite excited. Furthermore, the prayers were held out in the open, under the clear blue morning sky. IT WAS EXHILARATING!

I sat cross-legged indian style at the back of the row, as the soothing voice of other muslims called out to Allahs name. I just sat there, oblivious to the others around me, looked up, breathed in the fresh air and smiled to Him. It was a glorious day! I felt so calm and peaceful that i wished the prayers wont end, but like any other, it ended, and we got duit raya as well!haha..(can i use it to buy a pair of jeans..huhu)

I called mom, dad and kakak at home..they had just finished their prayers as well. They had rendang, lemang and all the raya stuff for breakfast. Daddy asked me what i had, and because me and my housemates didnt actually have enough time to plan for what to cook, we had stopped by a small sundry shop and bought maggie which we cooked for 7 of us. oh dear. It was simple, but i liked it, because at least we sat down together and spent time with friends.

The rest of the day was history, i spent it cleaning up my messy room as it was still messy since TSM, and after cleaning it up, i slept all through the afternoon. By the time i woke up, it was time to get dressed for dinner at Alpina. This year, i didnt even go to see the animals get slaughtered. I just stayed home and rested. and i liked it very much.

You know what, i always wondered why when we selawat and all, we mention the prophet Ibrahims name. Why not Adam, and why not only Mohammed s.a.w..

The answer is that:

The prophet Ibrahim was one of the prophets who sacrificed a lot to mankind, i read somewhere in the Quran, but i dont remember where it is. And i dont exactly remember what i read. Ibrahim was the father of Ismail who after was the first descendant towards the birth of our beloved prophet. (i cant believe i forgot my point, but i do have something important to tell, but i must read again)

Also, Prophet Ibrahim had settled his wife and son in the valley of Makkah by God's order to pioneers a civilization. It was from this civilization that Prophet Mohammed was born.

Prophet's Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail for the sake of God exemplifies not only his sincere devotion to God.

(i cant finish this just as yet, because i have to hurry out to bandung now and i havent taken a bath yet, will try to finish and prove my point though..)huu~!

take care , have a blessed aidiladha

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