Friday, 13 November 2009

if each morning could be as wonderful


Yesterday, during a blackout, me and a few friends were hanging out at the dining table as the weather was parched hot and the light wasnt working. We ate, we drank to good times and laughed at stupid jokes, just felt like wasting our youth at the time. Coincidentally,there were 2 types of bread on the table, wholewheat and plain white bread. Which one would you choose Nadya, asked a friend of mine. I would definitely choose white bread as it tastes so much better than whole wheat, said i. but on the other hand, white bread has a much higher glycemic index than the other, thus making it unhealthier than even rice! A fleeting thought came into my mind at the moment as i continued the conversation with them, why do we human beings prefer something that only tastes good but has bad benefits in the end and not something that is a bit bitter but brings out only what is good in us, like the whole wheat bread.

And why did God make bad things nice while good things bad~
I dont know, maybe thats the point of living. He makes choices, and it is up to us to choose whether we want our life to be whole wheat or plain white~

I am now of the habit of sleeping very early and waking up early in the morning, therefore not missing my Subuh. Alhamdulillah to that.( but i kind of missed 1 Isya because i slept TOO early!huhu). At the moment, i stopped depending on other people to wake me up. At the moment, i detached myself from people who take me for granted. And at the moment, i am living my life for ME. In a nutshell, i am also trying to improve my whole balance in life, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I hope to be doing things that are healthier for me as a whole. I try to eat more natural things, and try to eat home made food instead of expensive take- outs. Im trying to increase the amount of time i exercise and do sports instead of just wallowing up in a cooped up bedroom on lonely afternoons. Most obviously, im trying to cut on my horrific spending habits (muahahhaha)which has grown to be a disease.

Because i think it is time for me to finally choose my wholewheat bread.

ITs been a long time since i did things just for myself, and it has finally come to a point in life when you decide, thats it, i dont mean to be selfish, but here i am, its my life, and like it or not, i have to make the best of it. you only get one chance in life you know. I used to be someone who would do anything to make people close to me happy and i would really go the distance to make that happen. But when people just tend to think you would always be there for them, it just drives you away when you find out that in the end, they will never be there for you~

In the end, all you have is your family, so why not go the distance for THEM and YOURSELF.

This year, i want to go the distance for myself...
to make me into a better person....
i know this sounds cheesy, and probably ive said that i want to change a thousand times, but trying to change is better than thinking that you cant right.

so, no matter how many times you want to turn over a new leaf, and no matter how many times other people think you cant do it, in the end, its the thought of trying that counts!

Life is like a wholewheat bread
It is bitter
Unlike plain white
But if you have to choose
Maybe you should go for the bitter part first
Coz as life goes along, im sure it will get sweet~

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