Thursday, 12 November 2009

till death do us part

I have a very bad habit..i open my facebook like at least more than 5 times a day but i dont get to the job of replying peoples messages until around 5 days later. I just click and click and click without any purpose at all...maybe i just enjoy clicking. (ps, i even click on my handphone without any purpose, thats how bad its getting ..huhu)

Anyway, 3 days ago..i clicked to check my facebook home and i scrolled down to read some status which could make me laugh. Usually on the right side of the home page, there will be notices of friends that we have not reconnected with for a long time. this time, that friend was XTIMZ FATIMA...someone who had died barely a few months before.

I was actually stunned and speechless. If you knew her, or read the news, you would know that this wonderful person had died recently in a car crash in India. and yet, her facebook account is still here, lending a soft reminder of her presence, of her life for 20 over years with us.

I stopped to think twice, should i open her facebook.... how would it feel to open someones facebook when you know she is not alive anymore~ ive never thought of that. before the existence of the internet, the only memories we had were of photographs long kept in dusty cupboards, and an occasional diary that we find. Now, with facebook, you have a window opened to view someones private life,a window to the soul to tell us what happened when, who they were in love with, who they were fighting with, who they were crying to..I hesitated, but in the end, i clicked --RECONNECT WITH HER

I shut my eyes for a few seconds, not sure of what i would find. when i finally opened my eyes, i was stunned to see hundreds of new comments, some just posted a few hours ago when she had died weeks before. There were still people telling her how much they miss her, people reminiscing on old times, wishing she was there with them, asking her how she was,hoping she was ok on the other side, hoping all of this was just a lie and they would meet her again on another monday~

i was really touched with all the comments given on her page, she must have been a really good soul for people to still remember her like she was still there. I just wondered, one day, if im gone..will people remember me like they remember her~

i really wonder....

Thats why people say, the human race does not remember you by who you are, but they remember you by what you did while you were alive.

I always wonder, when we die, would we be amongst the living. Would we be a presence looking over what is happening to the people we were once with but are not able to talk to them anymore. Could i see the comments on my facebook when im dead, i mean, not la click the facebook kan...but you know, when you think of someone who has died, can they listen, can they hear us..can they feel what we commented..i wonder.

Mom told me once, that we all are just passing by in this world. It doesnt matter what car we drive, what house we live in,because what matters is what we bring inside of us. Whether our heart is pure, full of good deeds...or our hearts are filled with loath and evilness. Thats how people remember you.

Imam Malik Ibn Anas saw the Death Angel in his sleep, and the Imam asked him: " How much left for me to live?". The Angel pointed to his five fingers. Then the Imam asked him: " Does that mean 5 years, or 5 months, or 5 days ?". Before the Imam had a chance to get an answer back, he woke up.

The Imam went to someone who would interpret dreams. That man told him: " Imam Malik, when the Angel pointed to his five fingers he didn't mean 5 years or months or days, but the Angel meant that your question ' how much left for me to live' is among 5 matters that only Allah (SWT) knows about, and he recited the following verse from the Qur,an:

"" Verily, with ALLAH alone is the knowledge of the Hour. And HE sends down the rain, and HE knows what is in the wombs. And no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul knows in what land it will die. Surely, ALLAH is All-Knowing, All-Aware. "" 31:34

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nice 1. keep it up..! luv 2 read all ur hand and "feet" writing. (should be hand, eyes, and brain isn't it..?) huhu.. ^^