Wednesday, 18 November 2009

making it through the rain~

I saw you this morning ,In my red ruby shoes
You looked down, i looked down and we acted like we didnt know each other....

I used to hate days that i didnt tell you everything i did, and you would just listen
I used to like days when i would pour out my heart, and you would try to console it
I used to be impatient for the day to end, so that we would talk till the morning light
and I used to love the thought of just having someone like you there for me~

I left you without telling you why, but you never asked for a reason
I said goodbye without saying those words, but you never turned around to listen
I cried tears when i knew that it was my last time with you, but you just kept on
and I did care deeply once in my life, and wished that you would care too~

I saw you in the rain just now, it was a cold day wasnt it
I wanted to walk away, but you know, i just couldnt do it
I stood by your side to help, the way i always used to do
But you couldnt care less, coz i mean nothing to you

I hope its the last time that i feel like being there
Coz i dont like being taken for granted, anytime, anywhere
I felt like a total moron coz i believed that you would try
To make our paths collide, and we would be free to fly

I know i meant nothing to you,
But you meant the world to me once
Thanks for the memories that ill try to erase
God bless your life, and the future that you will pave~

ps: ( 10 years from now, i would kick myself coz i wrote this stupid poem and even thought of you)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

omg! i feel so touch reading this.
feel like it is me u r saying. haha. (perasan).. i jz wonder y im like wt i am on those days ya..?
so stupid. bt like others sayin tat boys cant never b a men till da days come ya..? neway..i still keep in my mind till today...""
huhu. nyte..