Sunday, 13 December 2009

dukun mie ayam bakso

I just finished my KKN yesterday, and me and my indonesian friends parted with sad goodbyes. I had a lot of fun with them and wished that there were more opportunities to gather with the locals.

Since 2 months ago, when KKN first started, i think my indonesian language shot up 50% and i now know more indonesian words than i learned in 3 years. It comes to show how hanging out with other people make you learn more things. IT was a bitter sweet experience, i loved the fact that i got to spend time with them. But unfortunately, i dont have much time as it is. It was during this 2 exhausting months that everything coincided, and everyone was also busy.

Anyway, i just wanted to write down a few bits and pieces of memories about the 2 months i spent with them.

I was with this guy friend who drove my car from Jatinangor to our Desa which is like 1 hour away by car, and about 3 hours by angkot. So there we were, talking about each others lives and all, when suddenly he asked me where my father worked. So without further delay, i answered confidently. ``Oh, my dad is retired, but before he retired, he worked in two companies``. Suddenly, my guy friend became very quiet, and looked at me. I was unperturbed and thought he did not hear, so i repeated again, ``my dad worked in TWO COMPANIES``. He slowed down the car as he asked me straight to my face, ``kok, bapa lo kerjanya TUKANG PENIS`` ..i was like WHATT!!! and he answered again, ``ga usah malu2, walaupun bapanya tukang penis, tapi itu juga pekerjaan kan``.. I started laughing like a mad cow, as i heard him repeating again and again that i shouldnt be ashamed of my dad working as a tukang penis. I think after an eternity of laughter, i finally calmed down and caught my breath in time to say, ``Bokap gue dulu kerja di TWO COMPANIES,bukan TUKANG PENIS.`` hehe....i will remember this like for EVERR!!

HAve you ever tried the food which they sell near your housing areas in Indonesia. The ones where they sell food carried on their shoulder, may it be bakso, mie ayam or anything at all. Ive never actually tried those, although i do eat the ones at the main gate to our uni. Anyway, on one of the days in my kkn,THE village people bought me and a few of my friends mie ayam bakso from those sellers carrying it on their shoulder. I had a really bad stomach ache at the time, but i did not want to be rude in front of all the orang kampung that was there. SO i forced myself to eat the mie ayam bakso that they had graciously bought for me. As i stuffed it down my throat, getting ready to throw up as the food reached my oral cavity. When i suddenly tasted a really really delicious feeling as everything slid down my throat. Oh my God, it was GOOOD , and i mean REAALLY GOOD. i couldnt believe it, i thought it would taste like card board or something, but it was tasty i tell you. From that point on, i became a real fan of mie ayam bakso. So me and my KKN friends decided to try out this famous mie bakso near our area. We went with my friend who brought her driver along, and we went inside, ready to taste good food. A lot of people in the area said that this place sells the best bakso ever! and the place was really full of people, the customers never stopped coming. we even had to wait for a few minutes for a place to sit. As we sat down and got our steamy mie bakso, we greedily dug our forks and spoons and began eating. The funny thing was, it did not taste nice AT ALL. seriously. I thought i was the only one who thougt so, but my other friends said the same thing as well. We all just ate a bit, as everyone was disapointed. with forlorn faces, we finished eating only a portion of it, and after like 10 minutes clambered back in the car. everyone was dissatisfied. When everyone had settled in the car, the driver pressed the accelerator and we whisked away.
Suddenly, he turned around and said, `Tadi tukang parkirnya bilang, di tempat tadi ada guna dukun yang paling hebat di desa ini. Terus kalau orang di sini bilang nya emang enak sekali,soalnya terkena sihir dukun itu. Tapi kalau orangnya orang jauh,susah dkit kena sihirnya` ... you bet we were all screaming in the car..haha


We went to this primary school to do a program, and after that program, we took some pictures with the children there. Incidentally, there was this little boy who ran from afar towards us, he was dirty and grimy unlike the other school kids who were in uniform and he had this small towel draped over his face. He squiggled in between the other kids but ran away as soon as we wanted to snap some pictures. He was really shy,and never even talked. After everyone had taken photos, my friend suddenly turned to look, and at the end of the hallway, there he was, this little kid was standing alone with that small towel still draped over his face. he wouldnt take it off even for a second. And my friend suddenly got the creeps as the boy was standing alone, near a banana tree. I smirked at her and went towards the boy. ``adik, mau foto bareng ga`` i asked the kid who was probably around 3 years old. He backed away, nearer and nearer to the end of the hallway, nearer to the banana tree. ``adik, yuk foto yuk`` i said again.
Suddenly, he slowly pulled down the towel, revealing only one eye and said `KE SINI YA` as his foot stepped directly underneath the banana tree. I was startled and turned to call my friend who was nearby to see the boy. As we turned to look at the boy, in only a few split seconds, he wAS GONE!! and the worst thing was, there was no exit from the banana tre...JENG JENG JENG.....

Many more things happened but i dont remember most of it obviuosly. Anyway, i hope that i get more chances to mingle with the locals. As of this moment, me and my friend have gone around Jatinangor trying out food that we would not even dream of trying if not of KKN. Im going around hunting for the best mie ayam in jatinangor, and just a few moments ago ate a quite good one in cisekeh gede..kikikiki....

alright, i have to go now, havent done pass year questions yet.

feel really good now because im not as busy as it was in the last 2-3 months. exams are coming up, mommy and daddy are coming for the holidays and bubu has a skin infection.

Ok, i know, i know that i always never keep up to my promises of writing more often. please forgive me, and i am definitely running out of excuses as it is. but i am busy!huhuhu..

internet is slow like hell, cant upload the pictures, especially the one with the kid


Anonymous said...

haha..!! i laughed till my eyes popped out lol regarding ur pap "tukang penis". u jz make my days nad..

owh. i still remember da way ur smilin & laughin (like a mad cow eh) in those old school days (smkpj1) .... ^^

Anonymous said...

owh. u can add my ym then.
hope hearin frm u soon...
braises babe ... ^oo^