Thursday, 31 December 2009

tea, lime and honey

good morning..

i woke up today with a smile, as about a whole lot of days now. do you want to know why, well..its because i sleep with my super-duper cute cat-dog who is notoriously cheeky and cunning. I love him to bits even though he is just a normal cat. (sindhu says he acts and looks like a dog). Bubu (or Biu Biu as the vet calls him) has been starting to act really cute in the mornings. i dont know why, maybe he gets hungry, maybe he wants to go out of the room. He would curl up right beneath my eyes, or suddenly lean his soft fuzzy head on my legs with a gigantic thump. Seriously, it melts my heart.

Until ....

I think i know why he is acting all cute and cuddly nowadays...
because he feels guilty, leaving his humongously large poop in my bathroom..its REALLY REALLY big i tell you. (macam slurpee kat 7 eleven bentuk dan ukurannya, kecuali tinja nya berwarna hitam coklat)..muahahahah...

But whatever the reasons he rolls over me like a dog, i lurve him to bits!

So,anyway i woke up to day facing the sunshine, made myself some sardine rolls and a cup of steaming tea served with a slice of lime and a dip of honey~ yumm

Theres these blogs that i read on a nearly daily basis and which i would like to share with you. Today, i would like to talk about it one at a time, because my exam is coming up next week...tee hee

the first is a blog by NINIE AHMAD

I found this blog through a friend of a friend who was following this blog as well. IT tells the tale of a young woman, in her 20s who has succeeded in opening her very own yoga studio which i do find posh indeed in damansara.
What is the most interesting thing is that, i think she resembles me in a way. Like me, she is a girl who is vertically challenged i.e not tall but with her own big dreams in hand, she is now a very succesful woman owning a yoga studio where the rich and famous come to stretch their biceps and triceps.

She tries to tell people about how yoga is not banned in malaysia except for the ones that include all the religious chant, and that what she is doing is just another form of exercise like tai chi or something. Sometimes, going against the monotonous wave of what other people think is hard, but thats what you have to do to stand by what you think is your right.

Underneath all her fame, she is very humble and always remembers her family and religion. As i am, she is also a die hard fan of Yasmin Ahmad, who was both loved and hated just because she had a different way of thinking, a soul who wants to revive our race, our nation, our religion, but whom people close their minds to, not trying to think about new things.

It all comes down to identity, as my mother always say to me. I grew up under the value that IF EVERYONE IS THINKING OF THE SAME THING, THEN NO ONE IS THINKING AT ALL

and i am glad i grew up like that. I want to be someone who can think for myself, not afraid to be different. Everyone was born to be someone special in this world, someone with amazing capabilities, just waiting to be unlocked. The difference between all of us is that some people would stand unwavering, to unlock the magical wonders of their minds and bodies that God has given them, and finally succeed in life. While others stumble and fall before they get to find the key to unlock themselves.

So, i want to promise myself that




So, i guess i started with doing something different today. Other days, i or anyone else would just drink tea and sugar. Today, as a start to accepting our own difference, uniqueness and self, lets toast our new day with some tea with lime and honey! =)

a tribute to ninie ahmad ---BRAVO!


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Ninie Ahmad said...

Hi Nadya,

I Googled myself ;) and found this. And you.

I teared up reading a tribute so beautifully to someone and fortunately for me - it was for me.

Thank you for the inspiration you never know and for seeing me this way.

Love and light,

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