Wednesday, 11 February 2009

the song of Maghrib~

The Adzhan is being sung from the village nearby,
The beauty of every word precisely spoken, stood by,
Here I am listening to my calling during Maghrib as the sky dawn,
I ponder, i wonder and as a loner i stiffle a yawn....

The purple blue landscape of the steady clouds way up high,
Mark the time for every child to go home, heaving with a sigh,
Here I am as Maghrib is here again on this day,
I ponder, I wonder, and as a loner I look away....

The raindrops pitter-patter on the sturdy roof of my house,
The tv is blasting downstairs, the cat, is finding for a mouse,
Here I am regaining strength to pray another Maghrib again,
I ponder, I wonder, and as a loner i crouch in a corner, in vain....

Then I close my eyes for a second or two,
And my heart tells me, the most right thing to do,
I smile as angels pull me from my nest for my daily prayer,not a chore
I ponder, I wonder, and i know.....I am a loner no more........

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