Thursday, 5 February 2009

the (1st) 10 commandments

#2. LIVE SIMPLY so that others can SIMPLY LIVE

As the last flight of the day to Bandung was about to start, Mom and Dad gave me their last goodbyes accompanied by their usual advices. Dad suddenly gave me an extra hug and said to me at last, LIVE SIMPLY SO THAT OTHERS CAN SIMPLY LIVE. I gave a snort at Dad and laughed it of. But in my heart, i knew what he meant and the reason why he said it.

Dad was referring to my spending habit which had gotten worse in the years i was studying in Indonesia. I would have thought that by studying in this country, i would most probably save more. How totally wrong was I, I remembered during my days in a college in Shah Alam, the monthly allowance of rm260 was more than enough and mom did not have to give much as money was aplenty. The funny thing is, in this small `village` known as JAtinangor, and after only a few excursions to Bandung, my monthly scholarship allowance of rm 800 is still not enough to cover my expenses here!! Mom has been pestering me on why i am spending too much, even i find it weird. even with the scholarship money, money mom banks in and a credit card, i still overspend.


What happened to the old me.. i used to not care about what i wore, i only had one shoe, and my amount of clothes were fit for only a week or two. The reason was that i was brought up to learn the hardships of life, although momsie and dad spoilt us, we were never spoilt. Dad brings us to his farm and we helped him out, i did not mind getting dirty, and at home, we dont have a Bibi so all of us have to do our own chores. I loved it. I dont envy people who have maids at home, because for me, helping out my mom and dad(eventhough i complained and grumbled) was one of the things that made us closer. I even earned my own money to buy expensive things and never once asked mom and dad for anything.


Have i grown into a materialistic plastic doll...THe last holiday, mom was asking how many pairs of shoes i had. Without blinking and eye, i said `owh, not much, just one or two`..behind me, i crossed my fingers and hope mom would forgive me for this lie and the other lies i had to make up since iv become this MATERIALISTIC THING. THe truth is, mom had never really come and look at my closet (i.e a closet full of shoes, a closet full of clothes and bags). Sigh...These things come with a price though. Since i began my materialistic escapade, i had to scavenge for money from other sources. Owh how ashamed i feel for admitting this, but as the truth goes, i had to resort to borrow money from close friends. Where i was once the place for everyone to borrow money, i was now living the life of a money-borrower.

I did try to cut down on a lot of expenses, but every month, the same thing happens again. (nak kata duit habis kat minyak, harga minyak baru turun..huhu). Sometimes, im not a victim of fashion, instead, i INVEST (i use this word so that it doesnt sound that bad) on gadgets like a new phone or the latest in sound system etc. Sometimes, i use the money to buy things that i dont really need like a guitar which hast been strummed in AGES!!


Dad has always been the most simple man on earth. He does not like to spend money on things he does not need. If there was a sale of RM5 per pants, than he would be the first to buy 6 or 7 pairs eventhough they were all the same colour. But if he was to buy some expensive thing like a 100 dollar pant just for the brand, dont even think about it. I once dished dad because he kept wearing this green coloured shirt, and mom told him what i said... the next dat, dad took me aside and said to me `if daddy wears armani and versace all day, then my kids wont be able to wear gucci and guess` (it was something like that, i kinda improvised..haha).. Anyway, what dad said hit me in the heart. Dad sacrificed his luxury through his motto of living simply so that others can simply live. He lead a simple life, but his money went to his children, went to charity and also most importantly was used for the betterment of other people.

hey,try out this quiz and see if you are a big spander..oppz spender...

Answer the Following Five Questions to Find out Whether You Are Addicted to Spending:

1. Do you ever go shopping and leave the mall carrying nothing or only one item?

a. Almost never

b. Rarely

c. Sometimes

d. All the time. I know exactly what I plan to buy before I walk in.

2. When you shop with friends, do you feel the need to buy more?

a. Yes, I have more fun when I spend in groups.

b. Sometimes, if my friend convinces me to buy something.

c. Rarely, unless I see something on sale.

d. Never. I know what I am looking for and never veer from my plan.

3. Do you spend money you don’t have at the moment?

a. Yes, all the time. I figure by the time my credit card bill comes, I’ll be able to pay it somehow.

b. Sometimes if I really need something. I figure I’ll borrow from friends or family if I have to.

c. Rarely unless it is a true emergency, meaning I can’t pay rent.

d. Never. I have a budget I stick with and always have six months salary saved for emergencies.

4. Do you make only the minimum payment on your credit card?

a. Always

b. Sometimes

c. Rarely

d. Never

5. Do you research an expensive purchase (over $100) or do you buy the first thing you see?

a. If something catches my eye, I buy it.

b. I might glance at a review before I go to the store, but that’s it.

c. I research prices before I leave, but if something strikes me, I buy it without looking back.

d. I research extensively comparing prices, clearances, online and physical stores as well as coupons and rebates before I set foot in a store. Then I thoroughly examine the merchandise and read all the fine print before I buy.

If you answered with the letter "d" on every answer, congratulations! You are a savvy consumer, you know how to spend wisely and make every penny count.

If you answered "a" on every question, you need help! Find a professional to help you work out a budget and learn how to stick with it. You need to address your spending problem before it gets completely out of control.

If you answered "b" or "c" on four out of five questions, you may not be in too much trouble yet, but you should buckle down and start watching every penny. When you start tracking your expenses, you’ll begin to realize how much money you waste without even knowing it.


Well, now im really trying to buckle up and find a way to solve my spending habit. Here are a few things im doing now to stop myself from declaring bancruptcy.


  1. nowadays, im bringing my own lunch to class, hopefully i dont spend too much money on food that is both expensive and totally not nutritious.
  2. i have a personal accountant (nama dirahsiakan atas sebab2 tertentu.huhu). I put aside all that i need to use on basic things like payments for internet, laundry and the likes.
  3. i dont go out when i know other people are going to shop
  4. trying to stop shopping
  5. not buying anymore expensive gadgets
  6. stop eating out too much
  7. try to keep track of what i spend (but its hard, never works out, no matter how many times i record it)
  8. finally, im proud to say that at this moment, i do not have any debts at all because iv paid it all of...hopefully my stable economy will last long!!wuhuu!!


Anonymous said...

no wonder u decided not to join us last weekend...

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

muahahahah.....true2!!and you know i never turn down a shopping excursion..but I DID!!!willpower!!!muahahahha