Thursday, 5 February 2009

slumdog millionaire

another favourite movie for the year 2009. who would have thought a boy from the slums could even enter who wants to be a millionaire, much more win it.

but thats what happened. a muslim-indian boy from the streets of Mumbai won the hearts of 20 million people in indian when he did the impossible. even doctors, lawyers and all the smart alecs could not win, but HE DID.

it is a very sad story of how this boy used all the events in his life to answer the questions given. when the time came for him to win the 20 million rupees, the police took him in and tortured him because no one believed that this poor boy could know all the answers to those questions.

watch this heart-peeling movie and love every single moment of it as i did......


nur_aishah said...

salam Nad..
the movie sounds great.
How can i get it??
Definitely i'll watch it


as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

wslm....its relly gud..i hv d dvd if u wnna borrow, if u wld like to get ur hnds on it urslef, u cn buy it at the dvd store bside the university