Saturday, 21 February 2009

my freezing mojo n jojo

this is my first day when i bought MOJO B and JOJO G

i got these furry babies right before a FUTSAL TOURNAMENT..muahaha

i wanted to buy a cat...but i loved nadiahz cat too much to have another enter his life

This is JOJO...hes a guy..hes not gay like OMER (nadiahz cat)

hes very FAT and eats ALOT...he SLEEPS in the FOOD CONTAINER

hes very RESPONSIBLE...he gives MOJO a BATH every MORNING before i go to CLASS, he also BITES MY FINGER whenever i poke through the CAGE.

heres MOJO. shes a GIRL. shes SEXY and HOT just LIKE ME...muahahahha

MOJO never BITES, she SNIFFS before biting.

she LOVES KOACHI(im not sure how to spell..aha) and ends up THROWING the OTHER FOOD

Oh yeahh, i gave them FRENCH FRIES the other day when i came back from MCD

i also gave them BROWNIES from KARTIKA SARI once

no wonder they are FAT(like moi)
Everyday i CLEAN their CAGE and WIPE them with DETTOL (muahahaha)

I hang them at the window so they dont mess up the room (kejam ke..huhu)

but i put an extra protective cover during cold days (i.e old clothes and the curtain and a few pieces of tissue)

everyone says they will freeze to death....

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