Friday, 12 March 2010

The wise man said `go learn a lesson`, and thats what i did~

I learnt a valuable lesson today, actually i learnt many lessons today.

** I did something, and said something, out of spite to someone i dislike. And because of that, as of this moment, i am facing a dilemma of which i unfortunately regret.

Anyway, today was a very busy day for me. I had to run errands since the moment i opened my eyes this morning as the sun was rising from the tips of the misty blue mountains, dotting the horizon. There were bank errands, and printing errands,and just about any type of errands under the sun. I managed to finish everything, and about 11 am, i was off to Bandung. I had to meet my thesis doctor today, settled some documents, and after walking around like a mad hooligan in the hospital, finished everything i needed to do, and went to get myself a Macca. (McDonalds)

I had packed all the things i needed to sit down and study. I was with 2 other friends, and we notoriously took up the whole birthday room for our own use, even after some slight stares by the employees. The room was a bit stuffy (maybe the McD people switched of the ac on purpose), but each of us grabbed a table, facing the huge window and ate and studied for hours on end. I felt great, finally i was studying. If i was in my room, i swear i would have dozed off after 5 minutes. We sat there, studied, talked, laughed, gossiped, ate and be merry for more than 4 hours. As the day grew dark, we packed our things and got ready to go back.
Just about then, another friend asked us to join him for dinner, and as we were still capable of eating more, the 3 of us agreed.

So, we stuffed our overloaded intestinal tracts with food, food and more food. I had a great time laughing my head of at the classy resto, drinks were exchanged, i laughed until i cried crocodile tears. As the night wore on, we listened as this friend gave us some advice about life, the challenges that lay ahead and the road which never ends. On our journey to reach our goals, there will be many setbacks, some will motivate us to move on, while others are so tough, that we just want to give up. A hard life is a test from God, but an easy life is an even tougher test from God. He told us a story about someone who had a very easy and blessed life, and within a few years, everything went downhill. I was sad to hear it, and i sincerely heard every single word of the story, something to remind me of how i lead my life. I wish i could tell you the story, but i would have to ask permission first. In a nutshell, our life can change from zero to hero, and from hero to zero in a nanosecond. So, every second of our life must be rejoiced, every minute our heart beats must be thanked and every step we take, should be taken in gratitude.

At this moment, i would like to thank Allah for giving me reminders everywhere i go. When i forget Him sometimes, I hear Him whispering into my thoughts. When i loose myself, He opens up other ways for people to remind me. And i am thankful for that, pray that His reminders will always be with me until the day i breathe my last breath on earth.~

Oh ya, what goes around comes around.

I have been very nasty lately, i say things i hate myself for saying, and i do things just out of spite. Now it has all come back to me, yeahh, serves me right. I cant tell you what it is about, but I think i am getting what i deserve. (oh noo~~~). What you do determines who you are, and everything happens for a reason. My very principles that i have forgotten. I just would like to take this opportunity to tell myself, (and if you want to listen, you as well, ) that no matter what someone does to you, you must never do the same thing to that person, at all costs. Remember, you have a high set of values for yourself, so why scoop so low to reach the level of that person. What goes around comes around, eventually, and when it does, make sure you are not in that circle to have to face something you dont want to. Smile, and look forward to the joys of life ahead of you, because i promise you that there are many more happy moments just waiting for you to drop by and say HELLO!

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