Thursday, 18 March 2010

i just havent met you yet

hye, a short post on my current affairs~

Exam just finished today...triple kind of feeling down about something, but i still have a long way to go, no use crying over spoilt (or is it spilt) milk. But i do have plans to unwind, (as usual)..i want to go for movies tomorrow, maybe fit in a spa here and there =) =) =).. oh dear, but im on a tight budget, we have to pay 20% of 2 years worth down payment for the house in bandung next week. Mom had banked in twice already, money seems to be running through my fingers like water (argh).

Anyway, id like to share with you this song. i loikes it as and mom are fans of michael buble. .michael bubble as we adoring fans call him, mommys boy. Oh, by the way, these few days have been mighty depressing for me, what with the exams and all, i keep on remembering about someone (s). i wish i did not have to, because obviously no one is thinking of me either. Maybe it is just my mind playing games on me, knowing when my immune system is down, attack!! Speaking about immune system, my room has become a breeding hole for viruses. Maybe from my sudden allergy to cat fur, or my awful awful sneezing bouts, either one, i have been facing severe hay fever (if ever there was hay here). So right after exams, i opened my doors wide, pulled down the curtains and let the sun shine and wind blow away those cumbersome pathogens.

when you remember someone, will the other person have telepathy to remember you as well, or will they go on with their life obliviously

i need to morph out of this mess

cant wait for tomorrow. who says money cant buy happiness, just did not know where to spend it! =) =) =)