Thursday, 30 October 2008

its been a while

can you believe it...i have not been writing for nearly a month...but i do have my reasons...

1- im totally lazy
2- been in hiding for a month, appear invi most of the time
3- extremely busy with nonsense stuff --events, sleep, more sleep

anyway, today, nadya is going to write a lepak post..just something about what i have been up to this month...nothing connected with anything

alright....lets start


PENGUMUMAN: kepada sesiapa yang hendak derma kepada tabung sumbangan ikhlas untuk sara hidup nadya amin shaharudin selama sebulan, sila dial 081809**!!##....

I went out with a friend--AINAa dA sIzZlIn hOt BabE- the other day to get her a phone...we walked around the mother-of-all-phone complex for the whole day when i laid my eyes on this cool gadget..(i vowed never to buy another normal phone,and i must buy a touchscreen phone)..but i never did go through with my vow..instead...i bought this phone, its cheaper, easier and it looks cool(the most important part of it)

Because i bought this phone, and i paid my house rent, my bank account is now flat, from RM5000 i only have i think around RM80 in it right now...if my mom knows about this, she will definitely kill me,bring me alive and kill me again. anyway, im trying not to eat out nowadays, have to be really careful with my savings till the next scholarship money comes in...but as me and my friend said ..LAGI RELA KELAPARAN DARI TIDAK STYLO..haha...buruk akibatnya,i know,but, im not materialistic, just EXTREMELY REALISTIC =)

ps ; i really needed a new phone, remember my beloved n76 was lost at sea....

clOSeD HOuSe gRiYa aMirA---GeMpAAq

BBQ was decided as the theme for our small party a.k.a house warming amongst us griyans...btw...did i tell you WE TOTALLY ROCCKK!!HAHA....

tentatif program --

a) my friends cooked
b) i potong halia sebiji
c) buah tembikai i yang potong
d) guys did the grill thing
e) mr UNCLE-- mc for the nite
f) mr Z AKS datang --- his mini version of a ceramah and a doa
g) the food was extremely good, im not lying...seriouz...
h) main bunga api, mercun, sambil menembak rumah2 lain di sekitar kawasan kami..haha
i) UNO game

i retired early for the night, and i didnt join the uno game...but all i can say is, the night was a real smokin hot night, i think everyone had fun. the real purpose was to get close to the juniors who just moved in, but in the end, all us GRIYANs are closer than ever...luv u guys!!

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