Wednesday, 9 September 2009

good morning!!

good morning world!

its 5.40 am in indonesia and i am halfway through my utter most horrible assignment, due at 9 today. only my study lamp is on, and the rest of the room is dark, as if it is night. but it isnt, and i could get cranky by midday because of lack of sleep..owh dear!

anyway, i woke up with a start this morning. as my phone which doubles as the only alarm in the world that i can hear, woke me up with a startle and i accidentally dropped it under the bed. as it rang the second time, i lazily reached out under, but as it was too far, i fell right down from the bed with it. what an early morning start. and i didnt have time to have my morning coffee *grumble*. but i did manage to gulp down some water before the mark of sahur has come to an end.

im wearing my new pink cotton baju kurung today. want to post a picture, but maybe a little later as im still in my jammies...~

anyway, as my teacher used to say, lets pray that today would be better than yesterday..have a great wednesday people!

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