Tuesday, 29 September 2009

simple resolutions

ok, even though we have gone through 2 weeks this year, but its best that i do my resolution now, before i get too far back...


(weird title, but dont know how else to say it)

1. keep my end of the promise to God

2. Love and respect my parents even more

3. stop taking things for granted, work harder for what i want

4. smile even more, since my tooth looks prettier now..haha

5. be forgiving, be kind, be loving, be caring

6. if someone does something to me, hopefully i can just brush it off and walk away

7. stop gossiping or mengumpating..haha...seriously

8. wake up early (and not like umm..5 minutes before class)

9. want to be funny but not silly

10. accept myself for who i am, and never lose my identity

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dear GOD (ALLAH),
please bless d owner of dis blog.
& mke all her resolutions come true (spclially da bgun lmbat 1. ^^).
i want to add summore.
let her owez b in a good shape, mood n health oso in study.